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ServiceSphere Twitter Manifesto 

UPDATE FALL 2012:  A new more current MANIFESTO for twitter comms is under construction.  Until then, please read up on the social media EDICTS that are shaping our hyper connected world.  


There is a reason for that, you came here from twitter or you found this page on our site!

 ServiceSphere believes in the power of Social Media.  You do not need to be certified in a single technology or platform to be a single voice "raging" against the "machine.  As an organization we are focused on Help Desk and Service Desk issues. 

The ServiceSphere Twitter 101

What We Tweet!

  1. We tweet thoughts and opinions of our own as RANTS or just plain thoughts.
  2. We tweet links to articles and blogs that we feel are relevant to the plight of customers and support teams.

What we retweet (RT)

  1. Articles that other people post
  2. Comments from across the social sphere that show the REAL world of the support help desk.
  3. Users on Twitter

NOTE:  Please if we REtweet something that is a QUESTION, REMOVE us from the question and ANSWER the users question.  We retweet questions so that the ITSM & ITIL EXPERTS on twitter can offer help.

***REMEMBER:  A RT (Retweet) is not an ENDORSEMENT.  Information is good and bad.  We just make sure everything is SHOWN to everyone. ******


  1. We follow a select number of people, we believe you should also.  Social Media is about getting information YOU want. 
  2. We usually will follow anyone that we see making a difference in the ITSM (IT Support Management), ITIL or Help Desk, Service Desk industry.
  3. Often we will follow someone, then stop, when things get a bit strange.
  4. Rule of thumb, if your followers is equal to the people you follow, you are canceling each other out.

Twitter Etiquette & Real Practices (Best Practices are things people purchase)

  1. Always use a URL shortner
  2. Try to find the "print" option on articles and link to that, to skip ads
  3. When retweeting, drop IN ORDER (if you run out of room):
    1. Hash Tags
    2. Anyone but the original user
    3. SHORTEN the tweet but using symbols, i.e. "&" "w/", try not to change the meaning or intent, but trim where you can
    4. If all else fails, lop off the last part and hope people click the user to see the rest
  4. Want to comment on a RT, put it in from of the RT or in "" behind
  5. Twitter is not a chat channel.  Remember many folks follow the same "group of users", so having a conversation with each other makes twitter's value drop for the new users.  
  6. You have customers, they are your followers.  RESPECT your customer and your customers EXPERIENCE.  
  • Use Hash Tags "#some_word_here", makes searching for narrow topics easier
  • Use a twitter desktop tool like tweet deck, seesmic, hootsuite
  • Follow and read @Mashable, you will LEARN more than 99% of your peeps and then actually be ready to share.
  • Never take a tweet personally, just because someone mentions you or your org, doesn't mean you have to @RESPOND. 
  • Read the The Cluetrain Manifesto
  • You don't have to respond to every @mention.
  • Unfollow and follow new people regularly.  
  • #Follow Friday is a choice, if you don't like it ignore it or use a snooze program like TwitterSnooze
  • Use directories to find people you want to follow. is great.


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