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How Could I Say No?

We were approached last last month to create a webinar for a company called Specops.  We have a really full schedule this first quarter of 2010 and I was not sure if we could pull off more content on such short notice.

After meeting with Specops, I soon learned that they were very interested in helping out the IT Service Management community via investment and information sharing.

Well, that is a different story but I was still concerned HOW DIFFERENT?

We finally have our answer and I am pleased to announce we are on board.

So what pushed us over the edge?  Great wealth, more exposure, high profile?  Nope!

Specops is going to give away:



The prize will be awarded to one lucky attendee to the webinar.

After spending time last year traveling and speaking for different organizations we found one common theme.

Many people just didn't have budget for the ITSM / Help Desk/ ITIL conference this year.

A company that is willing to give away over $3,000.00 worth of support to a winner for a webinar, that gets my support EVERYTIME.

There will also be over 20 other prizes given away at the same webinar!

ServiceSphere is passionate about returning power to the people who DO THE WORK in IT.


The Groundhog Day Effect In IT!

February 2, 2010

2:30 EST

  • The little things the service desk can do to create a different perception for the business and drive high value in return!   
  • People are more effective with a carrot than a stick – Returning the power to the people 
  • What do I really want to do, and how can I go about achieving that?
  • And much more…

Remember:  Attend this webinar and you may be going to Orlando in March 2010 completely paid for!







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Reader Comments (1)

Hi Chris,

We really appreciate your participation in this series. As you stated, We want to add value to the community! We hope that your followers will enjoy the show!

I can be contacted for questions or clarification at if needed

Thanks again and we look forward to hearing what you present

January 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterWilliam Goddard

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