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This Week In Service Management 

ITIL best practices and lessons for the new year

Going into 2010, IT executives suggest focusing on identifying and implementing the ITIL processes that will bring you the quickest wins and most visibility to the business.

Thanks to ServiceSphere

The chances of having a twitter account and not following @servicesphere for you daily dose of helpdesk sanity is rare.

This will be the thread to watch in 2010

This thread is for discussion about relations between ITIL, MOF and SCSM

The Personal Enterprise

Pete and I have been talking a lot about our Organizational Design work as we have reflected back on 2009 and what that means in terms of Social Business Design as we go forward.

People, Process, Technology

Making ITIL Work

Just found this blog today.  Patrick has a new fan with me.  His writing has a IT Skeptic feel to it but it is a bit lighter with a nice lay out.  He also seems to be fed up with the pissing match in LinkedIn lately (over 100 comments on Problem vs Incident)

People-centric IT for a new decade

People-centric IT for a new decade.  Need to take it a step further and start treating out IT depts. Not like business but like families.

Leading an ITSM Implementation from the Middle

Nice and Refreshing!

Must-read books on the human factors of IT — part 1, the 70s

One of my favorite bloggers strikes back with is must read books on “human factors”, you know the things that we used to pay attention to before we were consumed by IT.

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