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ITSM Weekly The Podcast (Week 2)

What happens when a CIO, a Service Desk Manager and an Industry Junkie Chat Weekly?!

Your Hosts:  Chris DancyMatthew Hooper and Matt Beran

Submit Questions:  Anonymously or Email or Call In: (765) 236-6383

Week 2 Topics:

Episode 33 (well episode 2)

New this episode different audio technique.  Not sure if we are keeping it but it was more normalized than last time!

Show Notes and Links:

Listen below or download the MP3 HERE! (YES a MP3 this week, and iTUNES in two weeks!!)





ITSM Weekly The Podcast Week 2

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Reader Comments (4)

Re fees for priSM:
five hundred bucks isn't a lot for professional certification
I paid $370 and $125 per year for ITCP
ISACA CISA is $400-$600
Some certifications like BCS have a reduced rate for 3rd world countries

It's true that NZ doesn't have many big companies, and it is true that I'm not heavily experienced. But Matt, if you really had looked at my background you'd see that i have worked with ANZ Bank (37,000), HSBC bank (300,000), HongKong Telecom, TAB (think Melbourne Cup betting data), National Australia Bank (40,000), Qantas, Telstra, NZ Police (15,000) and others. But I think that having experience with big organisations does not make for superior skills, only different. The hardest ITSM job I ever did was with a site of 4000 users.

A big issue I have with the world's experts is that too many of them seemingly ONLY know Fortune 500. Anyone who has worked in smaller orgs can see how much of ITIL is irrelevant or wrong for 90% of sites. You may think people should work with bigger sites. I think "big" experts need to get out more :P

Matt Beran, you don't know where to send an Amsterdam dude for ITIL training? Man that's the freekin' world capital of ITIL!!!!

Another great podcast guys! I'm a regular fan now.

February 16, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterThe IT Skeptic

I think want hooper meant was, to implement ITIL at a large Corp., it's good to have experience doing so. It's a different look at ITIL. I like comment in your blog response about how a small org won't have a dedicated knowledge mgr, perfect example of my situation.

February 16, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMatt Beran

Actually, I just re-listened (third time, beat that), and what he's referring to is LinkedIn and the ability to instantly judge someone's experience, not necessarily with ITIL, and not necessarily with big companies. Where he wouldn't use your expertise for the gigantic enterprises, he would for shops that have say 3-4,000 users.

And I agree, in fact, I think my ITIL trainer at one point mentioned that. If you're looking to implement, look for companies that are the same size/industry and see how they implement. Great networking technique IMHO.

February 16, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMatt Beran

I'll ignore the nice things said about me for now, but Matt B. I'm with the Skep in finding the Amsterdam comment interesting. It isn't where ITIL started, despite what they'll try and tell you, but Amsterdam is the spiritual home of ITIL!

February 16, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJames Finister

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