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TWISM May 07, 2010

This week in Service Management

The weekly link show returns.  Sorry for the absence!

IO, IO, Off to work we Go!

After meeting Ian in San Diego, I was unsure if he would embrace twitter.  Well I had nothing to worry about.  Ian's inside out view of ITSM is a winner, I hope it catches on, but there really is not a lot of software money in making people happy.

HDI Community Blog

Something is NOT free if you have to register to see/read/hear it. You don't register for a FREE chicken sample at Costco!  HDI has done it again with an OPEN free, anyone can read Community Blog!

ITSM Watch Ownership

I heard through the grapevine that ITSM Watch changed hands.  Author contracts are pretty crazy and looks like product news on ipads takes center stage.  I will miss you old friend.

ITIL Services are customer-facing

Good debate at the skep, site, so whats new.  I never have heard of an IT view only of the catalog.  But then again my training is from New Scale and V3.  Ambigous ITIL strikes again. 

ITSM Bites:  Headline-How ITSM can reduce IT costs > Would a Nurse reduce Health Care Cost or medicate the patient?

Cote Mentions ITSM Weekly, The Podcast

It is like getting mentioned in People Magazine!

Pink President Blog Explodes in New Content

Looks like Mr. David is back at it!  Good to see his content back!

Clouderati vs. Itilista: Thoughts on the Linkage of Cloud and ITIL and Where Twain Fails to Meet

My take, Cloud is an organic reaction to our abuse of technology, for that matter so is social media.  Pretend your IT team is on the Television show 24, dude, you are RUNNING out of time to get it together!

How to turn staff into a social media strike force for your brand

Can't do this with chatter! Keep Social Media FREE and OPEN!

Parature Introduces Parature for Facebook (and Proves Me Right)

The clues are everywhere, but our support isn't.  WTF.

ITSM Weekly, The Podcast goes Hollywood (Thanks to the person who took time to make this)

ITSM Weekly Podcast Goes Star Wars from ServiceSphere on Vimeo.





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