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ITSM Weekly The Podcast Antipodean (Episode 10)

You must welcome change as the rule but not as your ruler. 

What happens when the bottom of the world chat about IT Service Management.

HOSTS Episode 10: Karen Ferris, Simone Moore, Andrew Friar, Tristan Boot

Simone, Andrew and Karen discuss the past months highlights and lowlights. Tristan is in the USA at the Fusion 11 Conference.

Karen’s highlight was feedback on her Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) article published in At Your Service.

Andrew has been busy reviewing Karen’s book and client engagements / challenges. Silos versus cross-functional teams bring challenges for all of us. Andrew recommends listening to podcast “Let’s Make Mistakes”. Service Catalogues are “flavor of the month”. Andrew attending the Service Catalogue Executive Briefing that Karen is presenting in Melbourne and Sydney. Key message regarding catalogues is Keep It Simple. Andrew provides updates on industry news including LUCID IT, BMC, ServiceNow and the Axios Christmas Party.

Simone has been working on Service Catalogues and Service Level Management. At last she manages to get on the Thinking Dimensions course and thoroughly enjoyed it. There are plans to get Andrew Sauter from Thinking Dimensions on a future podcast to discuss problem solving. Simone breaks her record on Bejeweled Blitz!

The Team Discuss Organisational Change

What does organisational change or cultural change mean to the team?

David Chaudron’s formula for success.

Success = Measurement X Method X Control X Focused Persistence X Consensus

Organisations don’t change – individuals do. It’s all about people!

Cloud computing and cultural change. Read more at Endurance IT.

Why is it so hard?

Email and organisational culture. Need for Zero Inbox.

Individual messaging is key. Condoms in Congo.

Communication: send – receive – check. Check the message and who is the “sender”.

Skills and capabilities to lead change are scarce. Need to engage “professional” change leaders/ agents. It is the missing competency.

Structured approaches to change are required such as:


Accelerated Implementation Methodology.

John Kotter’s Eight Step Process for Leading Change.

Using Kotter’s 8 Steps – A Means to an End.

Sponsorship is essential. We are talking “real” commitment. We must equip the sponsor.

Meeting the challenge of transformational change: do you have the leadership needed to cross the abyss?" from the IMA group

The Change Agent Toolbox for organisational change.

10 Fundamentals of Change. #4 is to engage a Change Professional.

Increase investment in change project by 10% and increase success by 16%.

The top three tips for organisational change from each of the team.

Booby(s) of the Month

Andrew’s online experience trying to pay a parking fine. A lesson in service design, service testing, customer experience and continual service improvement … or lack of.


The team will record Episode 11 on October 26. 

Suggestions for guests and podcast content to

Episode 10 Topics:

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Karen Ferris            

Simone Moore         

Andrew Friar             

Tristan Boot               

ITSM AP Episode 10 by ITSMWeekly  



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