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ITSMWP Rest Of The World Edition - Episode 21

Seriously, it takes two...BRM and SLM

What happens when an Analyst, a ITSM Guru and a Service Desk Monkey chat.....well, when they feel like it.....

From CSC in Aldershot

News of the Week

This week’s guests

More Guests!

  • Brett Andrews – IT Service Improvement Programme Manager at Bournemouth University
  • Justin Stevens – Head of service performance at Lloyds Banking Group
  • What’s changed since the last time you attended?
  • SLM SIG is an example of how to lead a good SIG
  •  Brett contributed to SLM Practitioner Guide
  • What is a bigger challenge, working with a large or a small organisation? - They’re just different
  • Shelfware is common in Education sector
  • Bigger expectation from  directors to follow industry standards
  • Communication is key to making BRM work
  • Conflict common when metrics aren’t successfully defined
  • Do you need to combine BRM and SLM roles in smaller organisations?
  • What do Justin and Brett want to see from the ITSM industry?

Yet more guests!

Next week – ITSMWPROW Episode 21

Show notes Episode 21 – October 2011








  ITSM Weekly Rest of the World Podcast Episode 21 by ITSMWeekly



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