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Supplier strategy - Practitioner Radio Episode 14

Troy’s Thunder Bolt Tip of The Day:  The Role of Supplier Manager is to establish and manage relationships with trusted suppliers in such a way that they contribute positively to your overall service goals.

Show Notes: 


  • Triskaidekaphobia
  • Service Portfolio Management Episode 13
  • All 14 Episodes of practitioner Radio
  • Supplier Managers and Olympic Hockey
  • Brother from another mother
  • Just say no to the term “Outsource”! 
  • Talk to the Hand
  • Service Strategy defines this part of the process, as in WHO does this piece of work
  • Out-tasking vs. Outsourcing – TASKS inside my value chain
  • Service owners, Supplier management group are both groups that make decisions on out-tasking
  • The “C” word – Cloud
  • What were we out-tasking BEFORE the cloud?
  • Service Asset = Part Resource and Capability
  • Procurements Job is to beat your supplier to a pulp, but is this good for business?
  • Involving our sourcing partners IN the business process model
  • Hollywood prenups and the mixed supplier Model
  • Does process maturity make a difference when picking a supplier?
  • Just because you speak Spanish as a second language doesn’t mean you can make a burrito. 
  • The difference between bridging suppliers to your systems or BRINGING them INTO the business.
  • Where do BRM people get their skills?


Supplier Strategy - Practitioner Radio Episode 14 by ITSMWeekly  



Listen below or download the MP3 HERE!  / iTunes / PinkAPP for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android





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