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Process Adoption - PRACTITIONER RADIO EPISODE 20 by ITSMWeekly

Troy’s Thunder Bolt Tip of The Day:

When considering ITSM process adoption carefully consider the amount of change your organization can absorb at one time. Most organizations can handle no more than 2-3 parallel ITIL process projects as a maximum

Show Notes: 

Business Operating Model Graphic

Documenting vs. Deploying ITSM

SLA’s for ITSM

RFP, RFI, the insanity for service management

What does it mean to DEPLOY a process vs Document it (4 MONTHS)

Implementing ITIL, it’s NOT wrong in Troy’s opinion, SO THERE!

Why does Pink Elephant give AWAY so much information for FREE on their blogs?

Levels of “Getting IT in” 1-3 (What do you REALLY want from your consultant?)

Documenting a process itself, gets you a binder on a shelf.

People, Process, Product, Partner, the 4 Ps of ITSM

ITSM Extreme

Streams coming together

When ITIL Projects collide

Velocity is different than agility

Baseline GAP analysis….DO THIS FIRST

Memories are short, if it's NOT written down it's not real.

How do you resource an ITSM project?

"Not invented here" will kill your process deployments and documents

Change Agents and enemies, the process sweat equity equation.




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