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Swim, Swam, Swami 
What happens when the bottom of the world chat about IT Service Management.

HOSTS Episode 14: Karen Ferris, Simone Moore, Andrew Friar, Tristan Boot

Guest:  Rob England

Month in review

Tristan, Andrew and Karen discuss the past months highlights and lowlights. A hectic start to 2012 and business is looking good. The IT job market seems to be coming to life. The team congratulates Marianna Billington on her election to the Chair of itSMF IEB.


The Team Talk with the IT Skeptic – Reflections on 2011 and Predictions on 2012

·       The IT Skeptic 

·       TIPU – a method for Continual Service Improvement from the IT Skeptic.

·       How hard can it be run a decent IT organisation? Forbe’s magazine.

·       IT Skeptic Awards for 2011 

·       Focus on tools alone is still a problem.  Failing to plan and talk to others!

·       IT Swami predictions for ITSM 2012 and beyond.

·       There will be a new fad to replace social media that will be location related.

·      Gartner News Room for 2011 Technology Hypecycle  

·       Where is social on the hype cycle? IT Skeptic doing his best to kick it down the hill!

·       Battle between ITIL and COBIT 5 will heat up this year.

·       COBIT 5 Isaca Update 

·       Current state of ITIL report for APMG.

·       Service management is just a perspective on IT management. Do we drop the IT from ITSMF or drop the ‘S’?

·       There will be an ‘Agile’ disaster this year.

·       Euro currency will collapse and lead to new US banking crisis.

·       Bring Your Own Devices.

·       SMH Tweet Survey

·       Rob’s magic wand would be to help folks bring about cultural change.

·       Tristan stores his service management books in the liquor cabinet!

·       Rob’s long-term prediction will be that IT will become the cops as we will be losing control. It will be all about governance and management of risk.

Booby(s) of the Month

·       Forbe’s magazine. 


The team will record Episode 15 on February 22 2012.  This show will have special guest Andrew Sauter from Thinking Dimensions talking about all things Problem Management.

Suggestions for guests and podcast content to 


Your Hosts:

Karen Ferris            

Simone Moore         

Andrew Friar             

Tristan Boot               





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