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Learning to fly - Live from ITSMF Finland - ITSM WEEKLY PODCAST TOP OF THE WORLD EPISODE 6

a bit of Perkele in the fisherman's cottage - ITSMF FI Live!

What happens at the Top of the world related to IT Service Management.

Top of the world edition (TOW) October 2012

HOSTS Episode 6Daniel BillingAale Roos

GuestMatthew BurrowsHoward Kendall,  Jouni Soitinaho, Maarit Heikkilä.

we are searching for a additional crew member representing Norway. Interested ? email:  - twitter: #ITSMTOW

 Recorded end of day 2 at itSMF Finland event.

Matthew Burrows just unlocked the PODCAST stalker badge for being the first to appear as guest on all our 4 Regional podcasts.

Hilton Kalastajatorppa

Aale Roos awarded "itSMF person of the year" - we are still waiting for the speech

"itSMF project of the year" went to Haaga-Helia  for establishing a degree program resulting in master of business administration. 
Yes! it sounds crazy , but university are free in scandinavia.

There was no ITIL 

Riik Maas -  Professor of Information Management

We now have amazing technology and it's often free.








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