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You hear that Mr. Anderson?

... That is the sound of inevitability.


ITSM weekly podcast with four regional versions globally, US, UK, Nordics, and Oceania is surpassing 15K listens on soundcloud this week.  

Additionally last month we moved into our 150th country.

Overall we are trending at close to 45K monthly listens from combined channels.

Stats from 2011 here.

Congratulations to a global team of volunteers

Collectively these teams have been represented at every conference now for over two years and it started at our first Tweet up three years ago at itSMF Fusion 2009.

We have have over 500 hours of audio, 100 hours of video and guests that range from the CIOs of the United Nations and Intel to ground breaking authors and writers.

We may be in a pub, in a hotel room or in the office, one thing is true we are now everywhere and growing exponentially.

Our hosts and guests founded the largest independent IT industry Facebook group today, called Back2ITSM approaching 500 members.

Our podcast is the number one search in itunes, on the web and social media sites.

In the coming weeks you will hear from Gene Kim, co-author of Visible Ops and Cory Doctorow, science fiction author and ground breaker.

The show has been supported by many organizations over the years, Pink Elephant, ServiceNow, LANDesk, Hornbill Software, Zendesk and many more.


TFT12, December 5, 2012, we are approaching an entirely new territory.  TFT12 is historic, groundbreaking and industry defining with 13K pages views in two months.

These people, these listeners, they are not desk jockeys, they are the future of the enterprise.  They are the sound of inevitability.

Be a part of the future,  today. You're in IT, act like it.



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