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ITSM Is Just BSM with IT Examples - Practitioner Radio Episode 33


Troy’s Thunder Bolt Tip of The Day:

Remember when we are talking about Business Service Management it is the Parent of ITSM. We need to understand are Possibly Business Shared Services. 


  • Pocket PR Radio
  • What is BSM?
  • Unfortunately the confusion around the term Business Service Management often stems from one of the following incorrect assumptions:
  • Business Service Management is analogous to IT Service Management or ITIL
  • Business Service Management relates specifically to an ITSM Tool suite
  • BSM is a Concept of Business Service Orientation
  • Reaching For The Future with BSM:
On The Path Towards Business “Oriented” Service Management
  • Business Service Management is the parent principle of IT Service Continuity Management
  • Every business / service organization have the same basic DNA type of practices.
  • All service organizations have the same basic structures for producing value.
  • Market Demand Analysis & Planning
  • Demand Intake & requirements generation
  • Product / Service Design
  • Product / Service Launch / Change Processes
  • Operations / Support
  • Service Productization Webinar:
  • The Separation of History not Reality or Logic
  • Incident Management is only one aspect of Product Support
  • Business Relationship Manager – Customer Liaison
  • Encyclopedia Sales Men and The Service Catalog
  • Management Systems & BSM
  • IT Operating Model
  • Cycle / Lead Time
  • Service Level Management and BSM
  • Cycle Time and bringing products to market
  •  What’s the difference between Incident & Bug Tracking
  • Portfolio Inputs for CSI
  • Operational Excellence – Continual Feedback Loop for Product and Market renewal
  • No standard’s body capturing a common view of BSM
  • Who Needs another set of books?
  • Shout out to Stewart Crymble
  • Business Shared Services including IT Specialist Groups
  • Dealing with redundancy by consolidating specialty IT Functions
  • Gartner Article on IT Budgets = A Decade of Devaluation in IT


  1. Most service organizations need enterprise / shared services that support the Governance and Management aspect of the value chain
  2. Many organizations are starting to see IT shared services begin to consolidate into business shared services.


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