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The future, it is something you feel, not see.

It's a great time to be alive, it's a great time to be in technology, but it's actually a better time to have technology IN YOU!  The ITSM community has been through a lot over the past four years and it's time to get some hope up in here!  Between now and the end of 2012 you can catch some amazing events ITSM / ITIL around the globe and fortunately I will be there to celebrate with many of you!

This week, I'm honored to be presenting at itSMF Finland, annual conference.  The topic is very near and dear to me.  We will explore supporting users and technology over the next 35 years. Just enough time for me to retire!

I'd rather see you at one of the events above, but if we can't meet this year, hopefully you will come out and see my 2013 line up! Pink Elephant 2013, HDI 2013, SDIT 2013 and many others still confirming.

Until then, enjoy this exlusive peek at the future.





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by Chris Dancy