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TFT12 The Final Update


BREAKING: TFT12 Video voting started, who was your favorite?

BREAKING:  TFT12 Evernote and Kindle Push Update.

BREAKING:  Submit or vote for TFT13 today.

#TFT13 18.6.13


BREAKING:  What did 24 speakers in 24 hours do, with a hyper connected community?  1.2 million impressions in social media.  Truly powerful.

BREAKING:  Slides being posted to slideshare.

The End, Data and Stats Soon:





PRESHOW:  8:30pm GMT


BREAKING: December 4, 2012 TFT13 is launced

BREAKING: New videos for conference

BREAKING: November 21, 2012 Speaker Training, Speaker Welcome, Letter from the Founder and Consumer Information sent out.  

BREAKING:  Nov 19, 2012 - Knowledge Locker Support Page Created.  Get content pushed to YOU!

BREAKING:  November 17, 2012-  Global Sponsorship has been awarded to BMC Software. ITSM Tool selector so have fun with the web talents of BMC, click here to play with it.

BREAKING:  November 16, 2012 - RSVP on Facebook, LinkedIn or Google Plus to interact with speakers early!

BREAKING:  November 14, 2012 - Amber Case, founder of GeoLoqi and Ted Talk presenter and cyborg anthropologist will headline the global event. 

BREAKING:  November 15, 2012 - Speaker Portal Open 

BREAKING: November 10, 2012 Register with your EVERNOTE email address, Kindle Email Address to have all presentations PUSHED TO YOU!

YOU have selected the

Final 24  

Welcome to the Dawn. 

TFT12 conference, announced July 4, 2012, Conference Indepenced day, for IT, Tech and Support Professionals, streamed live on 5 December 2012, follow the sun conference spanning 24 continuous hours, with speakers picked by YOU!

  • In the past four months the TFT speaker site has seen 15K visits.
  • 30 speakers have submitted to speak.

BREAKING NEWS: Due to the overwhelming feedback, TFT is announcing today the event will happen bi-annually. Every six months 12 speakers and your votes.

What’s happening?  You. You’re happening.


So many to go to, not go to, wish you were at, ROMO, FOMO, it’s complicated. The cost, the politics, the travel.  Going to conference has become somewhat of a velvet rope experience. It should be easy to consume a conference’s best content, when and where you want. We are in a global digital village of ideas that will not be locked behind elaborate systems control. Getting to a conference is a great way to network, but TFT believes that networking happens at truly hyper local level, not at global events, with elite speakers and attendees. TFT places you in control of how what you consume, how you consume it and when you consume it.


TFT12 believes 24 people should be given a voice to speak to the world. Conference speakers are exclusively picked by a small group of empowered people, or worse yet, committees. The selection process to speak at conferences is broken. The rise of “camps” and “un-conferences” have created new ways to break the systems of protectionism. Too often people with great ideas are not selected or worse yet discouraged to speak. TFT places you in control of the content and speakers selection process.


  • The ways in which conference content is collected, presented and shared is broken.
  • No content worth consuming can be sent to a conference three months ahead of a conference, the content becomes irrelevant.
  • No content worth consuming can be locked behind a password protected site.
  • No content worth sharing is selectively captured on video or audio and then shared at a premium price.
  • TFT content is live, and available to anyone during the live stream and after.
  • TFT content is available in audio, video and text format forever, and for free.
  • Slideshare, YouTube and SoundCloud power the content collection but more importantly the collaboration of the global community.
  • Have a comment on a slide?  Leave it.  Want to yell while someone is speaking. Please, feel free.
  • TFT places the content in the hands of the community to digest, ignore, save or rave about!

BREAKING NEWS:  Good content comes to you, you don’t have to find it, save it and feel overwhelmed by the task of re-sharing it.

Those people wanting TFT content PUSHED to their knowledge lockers will be able to leave their evernote note, kindle or Instapaper email address and have all TFT content PUSHED to their knowledge lockers!


It’s not easy spending money to collect email addresses and to give away ipads.  TFT changes this. As a conference sponsor we have packages that help you change your marketing efforts. Businesses today need to understand the market place, NOT the industry. TFT has packages that offer a traditional link based marketing all the way through deep analytics.

Partnering with TFT means your business has access to:

1.  Industry influencers

2.  Industry innovation

3.  Analytics that an “email” address can’t complete with.

In 2013 access to influencers both internal to your organization and external to your organization is going to consume your marketing and communications teams.

If you would like to sponsor and have access to the TFT community for our May 2013 event, please contact Robert Beswick or@SDIRob.

BREAKING NEWS:  TFT will be offering classes to sponsors on updating their efforts to get the most out of this new experience. 

TFT is leading this movement with comprehensive data and education for our sponsors on how to engage with our speakers, audience and ideas.


Self assembled, powerful and influential.  TFT is about empowered knowledge workers. The move from membership to community has happened, are you part of a membership or are you part of a global community?

If you have organizations that would like to work with TFT for our May 2013 event, please contact SDI or @FutureITService

TFT May 2013 is just over six months away and our second annual TFT conference December 2013 is just over a year away, but first, in less than 30 days, the world of conferences, content, speakers and participants changes forever.

Chris Dancy






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