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Customer Self Service - Practitioner Radio Episode 35

Troy’s Thunder Bolt Tip of The Day:


When considering self service options, always put yourself in the seat and role of the customer, understanding their time, environment and context will change the tools and processes they will select when using self service.



  • Opposite day on Practitioner Radio
  • Chris Dancy’s ITSM History
  • Self Service in the 80’s 90’s
  • What types of people used web portals in the 90’s?Self Service is about CHOICES, not about tools.
  • People want IMMEDIATE responses
  • Wait we should wait define what we mean by “Self Service”
  • Self Service is about choice
  • Don’t make me think
  • Context, Classification and Presentation
  • User experience assessment
  • Should all 1st level response, be forced through a portal?
  • Ian Clayton, Inside Out
  • BYOD is about SUPPORT, my CHOICE in support
  • Chris goes to BMC to meet with the CIO about employee value
  • Employees who are out to HURT the company vs. companies that just want to do their job better and faster?
  • “How does that pipeline get filled or CSI work in a world, the REAL world of ITSM? It’s social….let’s stop fooling ourselves.”
  • Self service should be “I have a request for something that I don’t need immediately”
  • Anger, Entitlement and Social Media for Self Service
  • “I’d rather have the wrong answer NOW, than the right answer an hour from now”
  • Engagement and Feedback systems are the NEW SELF SERVICE
  • IT portals usually only do two things, “GIVE ME SOMETHING” or “COMPLAIN TO ME”
  • Things like “Get Satisfaction” offer two other options “Give Praise” or “Share and idea”
  • Wendy Lea CEO Get Satisfaction on ITSM Weekly Podcast
  • Self Service and “scheduling” the “genius bar” concept
  • Apple is hitting the same wall, IT did a decade ago.  Reboot your phone before coming to the store.  
  • We need new metrics in Self Service
  • Experience Metrics for 2013? (Yes we list them)
  • We measure RISK, not BENEFITS 

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by Chris Dancy