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Don't Call It A Comeback - The Gartner ITSM Show - ITSM weekly the podcast EPISODE 84

ITSM isn’t Dead, it’s in a Persistent Vegetative State.

What happens when a CIO, a Service Desk Manager and an Industry Junkie Chat Weekly?!

Your Hosts:  Chris DancyMatthew Hooper and Matt Beran (twitter #ITSMWP)

Guest: Jarod Greene

Submit Questions:  Anonymously or Email or Call In: (765) 236-6383 or Twitter Questions/Comments #ITSMWP

Episode 84 Topics:



  • Gartner Announces the Return of the Magic QuadrantThe Retirement of the ITSM Service Desk Magic Quadrant
  • "IT Service Support Management" Magic Quadrant, is NOT the ITSM Service Desk Magic Quadrant
  • How does Gartner define "Asset Management", Patricia Adams and Bill Snyder at Gartner
  • Jeff Brooks, Gartner Analyst for ITSM
  • The ITSM Inclusion Criteria Paper
  • SOMOCO - Social Mobile Cloud
  • NEW in the Inclusion Criteria has, Social and Mobile
  • Is Garter now bleeding edge?
  • This is WHERE the market is GOING, and Gartner wants to help GUIDE clients to WHAT they SHOULD be asking for!
  • Solutions must be both ON and OFF premise
  • What about governance and security for software location hosting?
  • What would support look like if you Reinvented it from scratch?
  • People always go back to OLD support models even when they have the chance to reinvent the wheel.
  • Unsustainable support model
  • Productivity vs. Reactive Service Desk
  • Where does innovation coming from now a days?
  • It's now up to the COLLECTIVE COMMUNITY to deliver some alterative options for the industry
  • When an actual solution is there, I want the problem.
  • Enterprise Klout?  Influence / Reputation in ITSM metrics?
  • Formalized IT Social Support?
  • How do you measure users who help each other (e.g. Open Self Service, e.g. GetSatisfaction)
  • Executive Support Desk?
  • DataShift Announcement
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • The Goldmine of ITSM data that is UNCOLLECTED and MINED
  • What would management metrics look like in 2001 on email?
  • Is support relevant / or is it just measurable
  • If a  knowledge workers can be measured by algorithm it's possibly safer and less biased than humans with prejudices
  • How Kindle shows crowd sourced relevance
  • Chris York from Twitter, Timtim is no longer the important resource, attention is.
  • Q3 the NEW quadrant WILL be released for ITSM
  • Follow or discuss with Jarod Greene on Twitter
  • The Rise of Industry Celebrity
  • Stephen Mann, who is this person?
  • ITSM Weekly Podcast (UK)
  • How does the different analyst models of communication change from the each other?
  • Followers per Tweet Metrics?
  • Signal to Noise ratio is dependent on the PERSON
  • Lil Wayne of Twitter







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