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Pleasing the Crowds at #Pink12 - ITSMWP Rest of the World Edition - Episode 32

Pleasing the Crowds at #Pink12. 

What happens when an Analyst, a ITSM Guru and a Service Desk Monkey chat.....well, when they feel like it.....

Show notes Episode 32 - March  2012


Live from the Petrossian Bar at the Bellagio during Pink Elephant 2012


What a cast!


Shane Carlson @ITSMPunditCognizant

BACK2ITSM meets ITSMWPROW (view the photos)

Shane offers the Cognizant Process Model free – on BACK2ITSM and theITSMReview

BACK2ITSM website nearly ready – Here’s the preview


Ken Gonzalez

Let’s have a good definition of what BACK2ITSM is for

Ken’s Blog – HDI Connect


Ian Clayton – author of USMBOK

USMBOK now available via TSO International Best Practice website

Ted Levitt – What Business are you in? ($1 from  Audible)

Frei – Four things a service business must get right ($1 from Audible)

Steve Towers - BP Group


Karen Ferris – Author Balanced Diversity: A portfolio approach to organizational change

Nobody wants to clash with Kirk Weisler

Download the Balanced Diversity whitepaper from Macanta Consulting

ITSMWP – Antipodean Podcast

Andrew Friar – Podcast host

What it takes to do the podcast show notes (video)

Herding Cats (video)


Ian Aitchison“I’m getting better” (video)

Should have gone to Specsavers (video)

Ken Robinson keynote

LANDesk Days


Rob England – The IT Skeptic @theitskeptic

Rob’s session – Showdown of the methodologies

COBIT5 will be the framework of choice, fleshed out by ITIL

TIPU – An agile approach to Service improvement

TIPU is NOT The Invisible Pink Unicorn

Chokey the Chimp Facebook Fan Page


Tessa Troubridge @tessatroubridge

Tessa’s Glass of Champagne

A session on Gamification, with no badges (video)


Kaimar Karu – Mindbridge

Confusion still there between ITIL and ITSM in the US

LEAN and Agile

University of Texas Health Science Center – Winner of the ITSM Extreme Makeover

Pink12 Twitter stream not as busy as Pink11


Kathryn Howard – itSMFA – Australia

itSMFA Conference 2012


John Custytakes the fifth

ITSMWPROW listeners – John G Moore and Jim’s poodles

Jim’s poodle has Klout

Barclay has K+ in Dance

William Goddard - Doesn’t do closure

Chris Matchett would have gone wild about this in Vegas

Goodbye from Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada


 Next ITSMWPROW – March 2012





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