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Extravaganza, Two continents, Two ITSM Shows, The Social Business Provocateur

Did someone say ITSM extravaganza?

The week of April 23, 2012 is a big deal.

First we have SDITS 2012 in London. 

April 24-25 kicks the Service Desk and IT Support Show at Earls Court, London for it's 18th year!

The show has over 4,000 people registered to flood the exposition hall over a two-day period.

Our friends from ITSM Weekly Podcast Rest of the World edition will be there as well as many Back2ITSM folks!

The show is unique in the world of ITSM as it allows people to visit for free and mingle with vendors and craftsmen. 

As if this event wasn't more than enough for our ITSM / Help Desk/ Service Desk industry, we top the week off with HDI2012. 

April 24-27, Orlando host the 22nd year of HDI's Conference and Expo.

This years line up of speakers and topics at HDI2012 looks more like a conference from 2020, not 2012.

With the aid of a 747 and lots of caffeine you can come visit with me at both events.

Tuesday April 24, 2012 - Earls Court, London


The ServiceNow Booth

Social IT, The Promise Part I

The presentation labeled NSFW by some of the 800 attendees recently


11:20 - Noon

Seminar Theatre 3

Mobility, cloud & the coming singularity 

The presentation that people are comparing to a Ted Talk for IT.  You won't want to miss it and you won't forget it.



Keynote Theater

The Great SaaS Debate

Joining with other ITSM industry to talk facts, fiction and the fate of the latest way to get your software.



The ServiceNow Booth

Social IT, The Promise Part 2

 The final part of the presentation that will show you EXACTLY what you need to move your service desk to the next level.  Unlike many presentations on Social, we show you the goods you need to evolve. 


Wednesday April 26, 2012 - Rosen Shingle Creek, Orlando



Session 502 - Clockwork Orange: Mobility, Big Data, and Precognition

Can you see the future from the service desk?  yes, travel with me as we walk through 2010-2020 and the changes that will make your job something that even movies could not have predicted.



Session 602: The Emergence of Social IT: Technology for the People

ServiceNow's founder Fred Luddy needed a stand in for the session that would define the future of our industry.  I feel humbled to be presenting the facts, examples and real world of social IT.  No projections here, just facts, facts, facts and lots of examples.


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