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Pardon me Roy, Is that the Chat and New News - ITSM weekly the podcast EPISODE 87


Pardon me Roy, Is that the Chat and the New News

What happens when a CIO, a Service Desk Manager and an Industry Junkie Chat Weekly?!

Your Hosts:  Chris DancyMatthew Hooper and Matt Beran (twitter #ITSMWP)

Guest:   Roy Atkinson and on Twitter

Submit Questions:  Anonymously or Email or Call In: (765) 236-6383 or Twitter Questions/Comments #ITSMWP

Episode 87 Topics:

 **News Gator: Updates from Tech**


 **CIO Headlines Market News, Business Report, SIM**

MIT Sloan CIO Symposium

Omega Scoreboard Event

Instagram 1 Billion Dollar Buy Out

“Facebook is for old people”

Facebook wanted your LOCATION.

IT Support is all about location

Gartner is a Technology Trend I can’t afford

Context aware computing

Does anyone at Gartner listen to the ITSM Weekly Podcast

Charles Betz, Smart.

Viddy is the instagram for video

Soundtracking is the twitter of music

We can remove the "I" in ITSM, when we remove the "F", from CFO, the E from CEO and the A from HOLE.!/ServiceSphere/status/190120492315840512

Remember this day. 551-day-old Instagram is worth $1 billion. 116-year-old New York Times Co.: $967 million.!/dkberman/status/189404228387749890

 **Practitioner, Service Desk**  

Sophie Danby’s Tweet!/SophieDanby/status/190104063403233282

The ITSM Sound board, Listen to any sound byte


 ISACA Membership

Gartner, Salesforce, itSMF International Chairperson

**Social Media, Tools and Vendors**

DARPA does away with passwords

Harvard using badges to test employee effectiveness

HDI 2012



The Roy Atkinson Interview

HDI Higher Education Forum

Preview of HDI 2012

The synchronicity of the HDI 2012

Social IT and Social Support


HDI 2012 App

Using the HDI app if you ARE NOT at the conference

HDI Digital Event 2012, The complete conference online!

Speakers and Conferences, how do you get to speak at a conference?

June 13, Waltham, MASS HDI meeting

HDI 2012 looks more like a conference from 2020 than from 2012

Roy Atkinson, the History with HDI

Sophie Klossner from HDI Podcast episode 24

How does Roy manage multiple social media accounts and why does he post as so many different people.

“It’s not what you share, it’s who you share as”

Mauricio Corona, ITIL Doctor (PHD) and Best Practice Guru!/mauriciocorona

History of Roy’s Groaner

How do we keep up with communities and membership organizations in a world of hyper connectivity?

The smartest person in the room, is the room.





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