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Problem & Availability Management - The Conjoined Twins - Practitioner Radio Episode 24

Troy’s Thunder Bolt Tip of The Day:

When making decisions about Process Ownership consider paring Problem and Availability Management as a very strong combination.

Show Notes: 

Chris’s Swedish ITSM Tour

Conjoined Twins

Problem & Availability Management Share’s common elements

PR Radio Ep. 11- Availability Management

ITIL Implementation Roadmap (Availability Management) – Part 10

Problem Management vs Availability Management

Availability in Design

Availability feeding Problem

The Availability Management Office

The Service Management Office

Channels Of Demand

Problem usually stays re-active and never matures beyond Major Incident Review

ITIL Problem Management vs Root Cause Analysis

Post Mortem and Root Cause

Proactive Problem Management

Where do you find the data for Proactive Problem Management?

Adaptive Case Management – Charlie Betz

Availability / Un-Availability Management Report

Known Error published by external vendors

Change & Demand inputs to Problem & Availability

Trivial Pursuit

Cause and Effect

Good and Bad Process Ownership Combo’s (Incident & Problem) 

Service Design & Problem triggers

Service Design Package

Customer Perception of Performance and Problem Management

What is not defined cannot be controlled

Relativity and Conjecture

CSI should drive Problem and Availability together

Realtime Wind Maps

Complaint & Feedback Management input to Problem Management

Service Improvement Tips – Problem Management


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