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ITSM Industry The Influencers

After a very exciting presentation on Reputation in the age of attention, I wanted to take a moment to create some simple list for people to watch. 

The premise is very simple, regardless of WHO you are in the industry, your peers SHARE or RE-SHARE your content every day.

You don't have to be the most visible to do the most good.

Whose attention do you command?

Klout is not a perfect tool, but it is the tool of the day.

Last year I created a list of ITSM, ITIL, Help Desk, Service Desk companies and let people vote on their favorites.  Closing in on 20K votes, you can see people and companies wanted their favorite to win!

The lists below are BLIND, they measure via algorithm.

From industry analysts to software companies.  We are a very SMALL industry.

I think the opening scene in Fame, says it best.  FAME COST AND HERE IS WHERE YOU START PAYING.  Because you really need to focus on providing VALUE to a digital community to RAISE your numbers. 

Some accounts are SPAMMY, and they just don’t rate. 

Coming soon, ITIL / ITSM Training, Consulting Companies, Publications, Memberships and CEOs.

It's not enough to have gobs of cash, you NEED TO WORK for these numbers.

Industry Analysts by KLOUT

ITSM Industry Software by KLOUT

Help Desk v2 by KLOUT



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