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Are You Listening?

We are celebrating a lot of milesstones in May 2012.  We have reached 300 recording hours globally for all of the podcast properties. 

Often I am asked for stats and reports, I have shared these internally before, but I thought I would allow the global audience to see what they are part of.

I would like to thank, Patrick, Chris, Barclay, James and Stephen in the UK, Andrew, Karen, Simone and Tristan in Australia and New Zealand.

Big shout out to Troy DuMoulin, people told me that "Troy and you don't mix", well, sorry folks we do.

Finally, to Matthew Hooper and Matt Beran, I love you guys.  Good work.

Finally, just a note from me, the person, not the personality, I started this journey in 2008 because I believed the people in our space needed celebrity, they needed new ideas, they needed controversy and they needed a community that existed outside of conferences and local meetings.  I have been fortunate to travel to many conuntires over the past four years and meet people who tell me they listen “every week”.

It’s humbling this “connected web”. 

ITSM weekly the podcast, it’s your show, I’m just the monkey.

ITSM Weekly, UK

ITSM Weekly, Antipodean

ITSM Weekly, US

Practitioner Radio


The ITSM Weekly Soundboard

Finally, thank Brownhound Sound.  Ross is our Magic Man!



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