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G2G3 Game On! - ITSM Weekly Antipodean Podcast Episode 18


G2G3 Game On!
What happens when the bottom of the world chat about IT Service Management.

HOSTS Episode 18: Karen Ferris, Simone Moore, Andrew Friar, Tristan Boot

Month in review

Simone and Karen discuss the past months highlights and lowlights. 

Simone doing loads of travel and training and finished her presentation submission for itSMF NZ conference. Now working on research for her itSMF AU presentation ‘Murders and Acquisitions’.

Karen is just back from the Knowledge12 conference in New Orleans. This has to be one of the best conferences attended this year. In April, Karen attended the itSMF International Publications meeting in Warsaw as the publications representative for itSMF Australia and a member of the Editorial Advisory Board (EAT).

The podcasts around the world have reached a milestone with 300 hours of recordings and trending at 40K unique listens a month. Read more here.

The team talk to special guest Mark Sutherland about ‘Serious Games and Simulations’.

This week’s special guest is Mark Sutherland who is CEO and co-founder of G2G3. G2G3 design, develop and deliver advanced education, communication and cultural change experiences that drive improved business performance.

Their simulations and communication programmes address pragmatically the real world issues of implementing best practices be it project management, IT Service management, governance and compliance or more technical concepts such as autonomic, grid or virtualised computing.

Mark talks about his experience at Knowledge12 and Karen describes the excellent presentation from Simon Morris on coaching loops. Knowledge13 will be in New Orleans.

G2G3 formed in 2000 by Mark and Andrew Speak. G2 means intelligence and G3 means operations. Mark was at Axios System for 6 years before forming G2G3. His frustration was with failure of organisations to successfully implement service management tools. Use of simulations (experiential learning) can overcome this problem. 

Karen talks about ‘triggers’ such as simulations in her book ‘Balanced Diversity – A Portfolio Approach to Organisational Change’. These are the ‘ah-ha’ moments.

Mark describes the way G2G3 help organisations with engagement including simulations, infographics, data visualization etc.

Mark runs a Linkedin group called Visual Thinking, which has about 3000 members. This is a great resource for artists to help you tell your story. 

Everyone needs an aide-memoir or checklist. Great book called the ‘Checklist Manifesto’. Any mission critical environment uses checklists. Artists, illustrators and graphic recorders can help tell the story – making the complex simple.

People respond to sound, colour and shape before language. 

IT needs to align with itself before it ever aligns with the business!

Mark describes the difference between simulations, serious games and gamification.

Jane McGonigal book ‘Reality is Broken’ is a must-read as well as a watch of her TED talk ‘Gaming Can Make A Better World’.

The team discusses the difference between gamification and competition. Competition is only one game principle. Gamification has many game principles and game mechanics and these include competition, altruism, knowledge sharing, collaboration, exploration, collection, leveling-up, etc.

Angry Birds is just a game!

Mark describes how Farmville principles can be used in Service Management.

Mark talks about the programme of work G2G3 undertook at Johnson and Johnson.

The team discusses the future of gamification and the initiatives underway at G2G3.

Conference Details 


New Zealand

Booby(s) of the Month  

We lost Andrew for the recording!


The team will record Episode 19 on 27 June 2012 (Simone's birthday! Will she or won't she be there?).  

Suggestions for guests and podcast content to

Your Hosts:

Karen Ferris

Simone Moore

Andrew Friar

Tristan Boot







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