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Future as a Service, is available NOW! 

I had the pleasure have writing about the magic that we are creating in New Orleans for the ServiceNow Knowledge12 event a few weeks back, you can find that piece of prose here.

I have had the fortune to be asked to present at ServiceNow’s Knowledge events four times!   Here are the presentations including a sneak peak at this year!

Each presentation is always so exciting.  







Here is a review of what you may have missed or NOT missed!




 The Power of Social - Revolutions, Disasters and Tomorrows IT

 2011 EMEA



With less than one week to go I wanted to take a moment to talk about the sessions I have been asked to deliver and why I am so passionate about my peers and colleagues attending.

Probably the most important session I will deliver this year will be, Knowledge Workers and the Reputation Index Economy. 

As we move into an era of big data, mobility and enterprise 2.0 people need to understand how their work will change and more importantly how organizations will leverage weighing systems.  I hope to see you Tuesday at 9:50am in Empire IV.

The session brief is here:

Measuring performance is never easy. Fortunately, in 2012 there are ways to measure the engagement of teams with algorithms that start to rival Google. When page rank turns to people rank, understanding the metrics that define effective collaboration will be key, not only to educating your organization, but also to making sure that you always receive the "credit" you deserve.

Knowledge work is based on the ability to create, consume, and curate information that benefits teams, organizations, and communities. When "First Call Resolution" becomes "Solution Virility Index" you start to envision a world of workers who are not tied to information technology but instead enable information systems. Welcome to the reputation economy Part one, Rise of the knowledge agent.

Next up, I am delivering two labs to help knowledge workers get their head around all the new sharing tools in the market place today.  These labs are very interactive and I encourage even social pro's to show up and offer their advice.  These labs are called, Digital Literacy for 2012!

The session brief is here:

Do you know how to use Microsoft Office? Do you have experience with a web browser?  Do you possess knowledge of Active Directory, TCP/IP, or Lotus Notes?  These are all questions used to screen applicants from 1995-2005. The pace has picked up over the last seven years and the IT experts are currently outside of IT.

Learn the core skills for information creation, consumption, and curation in today's connected, mobile, social workplace. Learn what skills today's knowledge workers need to understand, embrace, and migrate toward.  Employable in 2020 will look nothing like the job you currently have!

Finally, I'm getting to moderate a panel with Paul Hardy and Adam Mason on Social IT.  This session will ask the questions that will make a lot of people uncomfortable.

The session brief is here:

Panel: Social IT (or whatever the kids are calling it these days....)

Last year when social IT entered the ITSM discussion, much of the talk was theory. Fast forward a year and today the theory is reality. Large IT organizations are making their IT service offerings more social, immediate and transparent. IT is now joining forces with end users to push the envelope of pervasive mobile and social applications at work and within IT. Peer-to-peer support, more-efficient collaboration, more convenient IT service is here today.


*****Wait, but there is MORE!*****

Can't make it to New Orleans?  No problem all the sessions will be on Slideshare after the conference!

Would you like to come to New Orleans and be a part?  I might have a free pass sitting in my hot little hands, you get there and I'll get you in :)

Yea you have to get a plane and a room, but you can skip the registration fee. 

It's not to late, just send me a tweet (@servicesphere), or leave me a voicemail 720-936-9192 and I'll let you know by COB Thursday!

Come visit me now, on the ServiceNow, KNOWLEDGE12 Portal!



Sheri Burgos


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