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ITSM Jubilee 

There are a few things that are certain as we hit the midpoint in 2012.  ITSM outside of the United States is being lead in the UK by SDI, Ovum, and SDITS and in Australia by itSMF.

These organizations have opted to push forward an agenda that includes not only thought leaders, but also forward-looking presentations. 

Between 2012-2020 we are going to lose a lot of knowledge workers to automation, consolidation, and aging skillsets.

We can't control the automation and consolidation aspects, but we can train, inform and provoke IT knowledge workers to break out of old skillsets and embrace the evolving workplace.

ServiceNow is supporting my trip to SDI this year.  SDI has generously offered to let me share my vision for IT support.

Not that my vision is better than most folks, but I do have a klout score above 60.

SDI 2012 Believe Conference is pushing the industry forward, just as SDITS 2012 did early this year.

I will be presenting a WORLD PREMIERE TOPIC:

Welcome to the Service Desk of 2017...And Beyond!

I usually define topics at the beginning of each year and stick to that years set, but I had to do something special for SDI.  As I did in 2009 with social, 2010 with Big Data, 2011 with Mobility and this year with Reputation and Location, I am going to again push the boundaries of what we as a support professionals need to FOCUS on RIGHT NOW.

Five years from now, is going to go very fast, so buckle up.


While in London, I'll also be taking a weeks holiday to visit with friends old and new and making a special personal appearance at Ovum's ITSM Best Practices for 2012 and Beyond Conference.

Ovum is very important to the IT industry as they serve to push the vision for IT in EMEA and have strategically placed research for ITSM professionals. 

All you need to do is watch Roy Illsley on stage or catch one of Adam Holtby's videos on YouTube and you can see this group is moving forward, with or without industry support.

Not to mention, this was the birthplace of Stephen Mann of Forrester.

For Ovum, I am doing a special preview of:

"Knowledge Workers and the Reputation Index Economy"

This will be only the second time that this presentation has been shared.  In May 2012, at the ServiceNow Knowledge 12 conference, this session was:

  • Most popular by attendance for a break out.
  • Most popular by session survey.


I hope to see in London the last two weeks of June 2012!

Australia itSMF holds a very dear place in my heart.  They were the first international itSMF chapter to keynote my Big Data presentation

itSMF Australia understands the importance of preparing ITSM knowledge workers with content that help people WAKE UP in 2012 and advance their skill set.

An exclusive workshop, Digital Literacy 2012 will be offered for folks looking to dip your feet in the river of new skills,  then as promised the World premier of:

"Knowledge Workers and the Reputation Index Economy"

Metrics are so important to management and YOU.  Learn how the big data of collaborative technology is being used to rate your work.  Surveys worked in 1800, in 2012 you need to measure the river of data, semantics and apply agortythms to each knowledge worker.

I hope to see you on the Gold Coast in August 2012!

On a personal note, get involved folks.  There are so many of you out there that share the same passions and vision for the crippling effects of our "Knowledge worker Great Depression".

Volunteer for boards, start committees at your offices, submit to present at conferences, heck,  contact me and I'll help you.

The future you save, may just be your own.

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