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Lessons from the Learned - ITSMWP Rest of the World Edition Episode 41

Lessons from the Learned 

What happens when an Analyst, a ITSM Guru and a Service Desk Monkey chat.....well, when they feel like it.....


­ITSMWPROW Show Notes Episode 41


Why are we all so busy?

Sorting out a visa for a trip to India


Everyone’s buying The Queens knickers at WH Smiths

Treasonable offence

The Blue Rinse brigade

No such thing as bad publicity about knickers

Logica have done pants

TCS hits $10Bn turnover

64% of TCS profits go to charity

UK Public sector budget cuts


Chris Matchett passes his driving test (warning – video contains some bad language)

Should we post to Twitter, or Facebook, or both?

Careful where you grab the Wall Street bull (video)

Stephen’s wisdom (3% of it) in the Wall Street Journal

Stephen’s Klout Score


Service-Now Knowledge 12

What was on the agenda at Know12?

Rhett Glauser @rglauser


Vendors – Work out who you’re speaking to before you make sales calls

Value based selling

Whiteboard selling (video)

If you can’t meet requirements, don’t engage in the sale – you are wasting your time

Look at the lifetime value of the customer and keep your good name

Customers don’t forget bad experiences

Organisations can’t spend money on shiny things; tools have to solve problems


HDI 2012 was a very busy event

Pat’s session at HDI 2012

Dr Michio Kaku’s session – The world in 2030

HDI 2013 (April 16-19) will not clash with SITS13 (April 23-24)

Craig Baxter Managing Director HDI

The Voice vs Britian’s got talent

Is Roy Atkinson not in charge of HDI?


IT Skeptic Blog on Service Catalog

@theitskeptic and @kaimarkaru discussing restaurant analogies

There are no Michelin star restaurants in New Zealand

Heston Blumenthal’s creations

The food is only part of the overall service experience

Service catalog doesn’t deal with service experience

The menu drives restaurant operations

Value comes in with the customer

We need Ian Clayton’s guidance and USMBOK

Frankie & Benny’s on Trip Advisor


Will Net Promoter Score or Klout have an impact on the service offered?

There’s no point engaging with customers via social if you’re not prepared to follow it up

Can you register a hashtag?

VP Marketing rejected at interview for low Klout score

Stephen’s Facebook post on experts – The Avengers example

T-shaped employees

ITIL Master qualification


Expertise gets out of date very quickly

Mio sat nav systems

Cathay Pacific – getting into the lounge with Klout

Peerindex and measuring quantity over quality

Do you have a business card? No, Google me

Pat’s wife’s 26 mile walk around London


Jimbo’s Birmingham accent (video)

UK call centre accents


Next ITSMWPROWSDI Conference Preview – June 2012 


Lessons from the Learned - ITSMWP Rest of the World Edition - Episode 41 from ServiceSphere on Vimeo.





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