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The SDI Conference 2012 preview show - ITSMWP Rest of the World Edition Episode 42

The SDI Conference 2012 preview show 

What happens when an Analyst, a ITSM Guru and a Service Desk Monkey chat.....well, when they feel like it.....


ITSMWPROW Show Notes Episode 42


SDI 2012 Conference

Staverton Park Hotel, Daventry

Pat’s wedding in Northampton (just for kicks)


SDI 5 Star World Class Service Desk Standard

Service Desk of 2017 with Chris Dancy

Keynote Speakers - Michael Heppell and James Timpson

Sessions from Atos Origin, TNT and O2

Upside down management book

A window and a shoe (video)

Sleeping in a bunker


SDI Programme - BBQ Monday June 18th 19:30-23:00

SDI Conference App – You can’t get it unless you’re attending

SDI Conference Hashtag #SDI12

5 Star service book – Michael Heppell


SDI IT Service Excellence Awards 2012 Finalists

Britain’s got talent - Stavros Flatley (video)

Plate smashing (video)– Don’t try this at home – Don’t watch if you’re squeamish


SDI IT Service Excellence Awards 2011 Finalists

Using SLM to deliver value – Barclay

Family fortunes with Vernon Kay (video)

It wasn’t Vernon Lloyd

Howard looks good in fishnets


Conference energiser

Find the missing evangelist



We’re recording episode 44 of ITSMWPROW at conference

Matchett has a Wicked Side (video)

The Foster’s Ads (video)

Some of the awards videos from 2011

TNT – Large Team Winner

Enterprise – Small Team Winner


Ovum Industry Congress 2012

Mike Gibson – Research In Motion

Stuart Room – Privacy & Information Law Group, Field Fisher Waterhouse

Tim Jennings - Ovum

An IT extrovert

Harvey Nash CIO survey

Women CIOs massively under-represented

Peter Korsten – IBM Institute for Business Value

“People will do anything to meet KPIs, even if it means destroying the business”

Expose yourself by working on the service desk

Andrea Kis - Macmillan Cancer Support on ITSMWPROW Episode 40 (40 mins)


Olympic tickets website went down for scheduled maintenance

Technical Rehearsals for the London 2012 Olympics

Failures on London Transport during the Olympics

Virgin Atlantic first airline to offer in-flight mobile calls

Qatar Airways – One of a number of airlines to offer OnAir

Bringing Greece to SDI conference



Next ITSMWPROW – June 2012



The SDI Conference 2012 preview show - ITSMWP Rest of the World Edition Episode 42 from ServiceSphere on Vimeo.


The SDI Conference 2012 preview show - ITSMWP Rest of the World Edition - Episode 42 from ServiceSphere on Vimeo.





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