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Bridging the gap at the itSMF Software Tools Forum - ITSMROWP Episode 43

ITSMWPROW Show Notes Episode 43


Recorded at the itSMF Software Tools Event, Manchester


Roy Illsley – Ovum

Etihad Stadium

The different vendor pitches (post event blog by the ITSM Review)

Doug Serena CIO (video)

Parts of IT will move into the business


SDITS event review – The joy and the pain – Servicedesk360

Service Desk 2.0 – James Blog

The arrival of the Don (video)

Falling down the stairs (video)

Laughing with broken ribs (video)

Bullshit ear defenders


Technology, SaaS and global panacea

The mainframe is alive and well

The Lynx Adverts (video)

Brut – its for men

Irn Bru

Changing the commercial / deployment model doesn’t solve ITSM problems

You can’t outsource responsibility

Mission critical applications not up for cloud

Cloud is like a troublesome teenager


Ovum Decision Matrix Interactive Tool

Crowdsourced list of ITSM Tools

ITSM is becoming industry specific

Trouble managing your infrastructure? Email

Whinger of the week

Adopt, adapt and improve (from the IT Skeptic)

IT is not well equipped for Financial Management


Ovum ITSM event - London June 28th

CBI Conference Centre

The young handsome man from the itSMF

The Ovum Event agenda

The ITSM journey has stalled


If you were Chris Matchett for a day

Whisky Squad

Chris Matchett is Sheldon (video)

Knock, knock, knock...PENNY!


Next ITSMWPROW – July 2012 

Bridging the gap at the itSMF Software Tools Forum - ITSMROWP Episode 43 from ServiceSphere on Vimeo.

Bridging the gap at the itSMF Software Tools Forum - ITSMWP Rest of the World Edition Episode 43 from ServiceSphere on Vimeo.





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