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Ovum ITSM - Knowledge Workers and Social Capital

Update (July 5, 2012): Salesforce annoucnes enterprise social networking update to include enterprise "REPUTATION and INFLUENCE"


Recently I blogged over at "Dancy's World", on reputation and metrics for the knoweldge worker of today and tomorrow (Re-printed below)

I first attempted to explain to people WHY they should care about social scoring systems in the article, I’m not saying my opinion is better than yours, but I do have a klout score over 60!

Dancy's world is my satirical look at the social enterprise and how unfortunately some people's skills are when using digital social systems.

At Ovum ITSM today, June 28, 2012, I am presenting the most current version of my reputation economy.  See below.

SlideShare Version without MOVIES:

SlideRocket Version with MOVIES:




Measure Thyself: Those who do not IMPROVE from history are forced to justify it.


Metrics, Metrics, Metrics.  Until adult men suffering from ED are  in a better place, we will be forced to deal with measuring our ability to "DO" Work. People want to know their return on investment. There are ONLY three types of metrics that you the knowledge worker need to focus on today e.g. 2012.

  1. Reputation Metrics: Priority Inbox (are your mails the ones that make it to the top), Klout, Kred, PeerIndex. As activity streams, interest graphs and big data take control of everything you create, consume or curate, you need to make sure that you are seen as a MUST have source of information, then a source of knowledge, and finally a source of wisdom.  The attention economy is real and your value is defined via algorithm.  Attention invocation in the church of the poison a service.
  2. Digital Social Quantified Self:  Services that run in the background to measure and record all your activity.  See Wolfram here or my blog here.  Be ready to show off your knowledge locker and it's metrics at any moment.  To get an idea on how DSQS works, check out Placeme and start using IFTTT to record your "WORK".
  3. Perspective as a Service:  This is a concept I have been playing with for some time behind the scenes and I feel it probably is the most impactful thing you can do as a knowledge worker today.  Metrics help steer a ship forward, but perspective gives meaning to those metrics.  Services like Timehop, Memolane and OhLife, when put into place around your digital footprint create meaningful decisions that move you, your career and an industry forward.


Your knowledge locker, e.g. body of work, is worth so much,  Facebook just paid 1 billion dollars to watch you use the "Toaster" filter on your 3 year olds throw up.


Services like Pathbrite are going to make collecting and showcasing your metrics easier in the future.  Currently knowledge workers need to make sure they have the following tools:

  1. LinkedIn that is complete and UP TO DATE, mine is a great example.
  2. Use presentation sharing services,, SlideRocket, Prezi are great services that will give you metrics and feedback from your niche community.
  3. An account with bottlenose, socialbro, Hootsuite (pro) and use topsy to keep up with events.

These tools will help you start to build your value statement.  If Klout is going to attempt to measure you, make sure that you at least measure yourself.


My job has specific KPI's, Work streams and ROI measures.  These drive my bonus, salary and promotion.  Adding the metrics mentioned above will not do anything for me.


The Poor Law Amendment Act 1834 is the basis for most of what you think you are being measure on.  In reality you are being deprived of any skills that would ensure your economic survival throughout the next decade.  You’re only as good as what you published 15 seconds ago.

Your organization will be doing fine business in 2015, the measurements addressed in this post, ensure YOU will be doing fine business in 2015. 

Next up, “Your network is small, be a tiny dancer" 

“I will give this wretched world the Queen it deserves” – SnowWhite and the Huntsman

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