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Infinite monkey theorem or why dating woman has ITIL written all over it. - ITSM weekly the podcast EPISODE 90

Infinite monkey theorem or why dating woman has ITIL written all over it.

What happens when a CIO, a Service Desk Manager and an Industry Junkie Chat Weekly?!

Your Hosts:  Chris DancyMatthew Hooper and Matt Beran (twitter #ITSMWP)

Guest:  Richard White, CEO UserVoice

Submit Questions:  Anonymously or Email or Call In: (765) 236-6383 or Twitter Questions/Comments #ITSMWP


 Episode 90 Topics:

 **News Gator: Updates from Tech**








ITSM weekly. The podcast bringing you news, insight, analysis, and information from the world of IT service. Management. Your hosts Matthew Hooper, Chris Dancy and Matt Beran. IT Service Management Weekly, the podcast starts now. Welcome to a Hi TSI weekly, the pod cast episode ninty. Nine zero old women don't make it this long.


For the week ending June eighth two thousand Well we have no guests this week because we have guesting. We have been doing a lot guests we just thought we would catch up with the three of us because people seem to like that sort of thing or they don't. I don't know. Guys? Yeah. I don't know if they like it.


Do they like it? I hope they did. Well, I mean if you look at the stats, I mean did you notice we published the pod casting stats recently? Oh yeah.


Yeah, I was pouring through the analysis.




I didn't look at it.


Dude, Dude, Hooper, you're big in Albania.


That 's awesome.


They also have trouble with the word horrriiibbble.


I think our stats were like slowly declining, and then they just went up a little.


Yeah, so, dude, I totally picked up when you dig on me while you were at - how do you say it, s t i t s?


Why did I dig on you, what did I say?


You were saying hoorrribbblle.


Somebody's got to replace you when you're not here.


Alright so working on getting Marcus Nelson from Salesforce on. He reached out to us after we recorded our last show. He's a founder of UserVoice, but now and a Salesforce and it looks like he wants to. We're just trying to get schedules coordinated.


Oh, very cool.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's gonna be good. There's no NewsGator 'cause it's all news. So, Ralph, can we get some Gators? Can we get anything? You know, I guess I could always use the soundboard if we're live and play that kind of stuff. But then nobody would hear it, would they?


But you'd have to crank up your I'm not going to do that. The only time I'm cranking with speakers, okay. So, News Gator. Release the News Gator poodle. We should release the poodles and then the gators. Can we have some news gators eat poodles? There you go. Delicious. Thank you, Ross. See what's weird is that most people think that Ross Magic happens real time and its all post, like much of service management is all post production.


That's right. So we got lots of news, we got lots of news lot of conversations. Are either one of you ready this week? Oh yeah, I actually prepared. Isn't that weird? Okay, why don't you go; what kind of news you got for us? I'm not saying that it's going to be quality, I'm not promising anything I'm not your wife and I know this already.


Setting your expectations low. So, first on my list, Robert Stroud, is first on my list and he's actually on the naughty list of any lists. After I got three emails from Google Plus content from Him and then three Facebook posts about the same stuff from him. He has become blocked on both platforms unfortunately.


And what's really strange is I really like Robert Stroud. He's really smart. But if you've got content like that, you need to be careful how you're distributing it.


So let me get this straight. Someone you know is saturating your information channels with the exact same message.


I don't wanna answer that question 'cause I know what the follow up response is.


There's no follow up response. I'm just asking the question. So I guess for those people out there who don't know Robert Stroud, Robert Stroud is a an employee over at CA. Our friends at CA - love the CA by the way.


Should we make this episode sponsored by them?




And Robert Stroud specifically.


Robert is also, if you don't follow him on Twitter, he's Robert E Stroud I think on Twitter and responsible in large part for the, I guess, promotion of COBIT 'cause you don't see anything coming out of ISACA itself.


Yeah. I think it was His claim to fame for a long time was one of the few members of both the ITSM board and the COBIN board. Right? Wasn't he on both?


Well I was practicing with Christian Wicken for about a week. Yeah, it didn't fix either. So, do you have any visual proof of this, man? I mean, do you have anything that would actually point out this type of behavior?


Yeah, I'll pull it up here on the screen share. With the power of the internet and Google Hangout.


So with the power of the internet you can actually bring up an example of this.




'Cause I'm also ready for an example.


Oh yeah, you take screen shots and stuff like that. See, I'm sort of a set it and forget it kind of guy, right?


Should I screen share mine?




All right, I'll screen share mine. Screen share.


It 's gonna take a little while to pull up. Select the window you want to show. Show that selected window. So as you can see here.


Oh, I sent you that. Nice.


As you could see here, we've got Robert Stroud on Facebook. And the things that are really interesting is like He posted to Facebook so he's got you created it but then he liked himself.


Right and then its a video of himself, yeah.


This is for cocktail re-calculus.


That's the word of the day, re-calculus.


Is was a bit much.


So is this on Facebook?


It was.


I'm not on Facebook.


That one's on Facebook.


I can show you what I've got.


No, no no, this is not the burn and of course it's the burn and torture episode.


And the thing is it's actually good content, like the first one I actually read it. I don't know if this is a Google plus thing but sometimes when you share things on Google Plus it says Oh do you want to email these people? People do. I'm like, if anyone says yes to that, that's probably bad. They should remove that option.


They should remove that option.


Now, that's their viral effect, right That's how they get more people on Google plus.




Oh Yeah.


That's lame. I agree. It is.

 I think your spot on Barron and we obviously do this out of love for Robert. Right? to help him understand what he's doing to those who actually read his content, like us.


I'd hate to be your kid and in trouble.


I G Plus one of his articles. I read it. It was the one was a blog on one of the Nimsoft blogs about Service Portfolio, and I thought the article was great but I don't think it applied to everybody, and I got a response back from John Custy who said, "No. I think your wrong man." I think Service Portfolio is more important for a small business than you know, the governance part of measuring or whatever it was that I had said but I think that's good.


I love when people disagree with me because it makes me stop and think, did I read something differently or am I not thinking this through correctly? And occasionally I'll take away something of value.




The best ways to grow and learn is to surround yourself with people who are growing and learning.


That's right.


So, other news the Service Now conference wrapped up last week.


Some good Tweets came out of that.


Yeah. A lot of big announcements came out high. Look, I've got things beeping and tweeting. you live in a censor world. I do live in a world of censors. So hybrid, high availability, consulting a bunch of other stuff things I thought were interesting, because actually Karen, down on "The Antipodean," that little show from down under.


And Hooper, you weren't here. We may have to go off task. they recorded the first top of the world episode for Finland, Sweden, and the Nordics today so there is to be a fourth entry into the the fray here. But Karen Ferris did an amazing job of talking about the conference. You know, I had to work it, alright?


That's always a lot different because when you're working a conference you don't have Time to enjoy anything. You know because at first you're keeping customers and everyone happy and moving and then you're also presenting, which was difficult. So I don't know. Seemed like a good conference to me.


There seems to be a little of backlash on the Twitter right now, don't know what's going on with that but it is what it is.


Yeah, one of the things that they really got right was having For people who don't share on Twitter and don't share on Facebook they use a social feed that anyone who signed up for the conference is automatically signed up for. So people would go into a social session or even a non-social session and you could be in like a Facebook style feed of that session.


So if someone had questions, they could post it in there. You didn't have to interrupt the entire room.




People could just ask questions directly. If someone had content they needed to deliver.


So in that they enabled the back channel for the conference. They actually, not only did they embrace it, they enabled it.


Yeah. And then one of the big announcements, bigger than the high availability in my point of view is social streams for ITSM products. So in-line social streams for incidents, problems, CI. So you want to see the life of a CI you go check out its Facebook page. Or you check out the podcast from three years ago.


Exactly. What a concept. So Hank Marquis, are you guys familiar with this Hank Marquis guy?


Oh, yeah. He's got all the ITIL things on his collar at all the conferences.


Used to work for Global Knowledge, and then he went to where, was it Microsoft or somebody? He was at Global Knowledge and then he worked for Lowe's Home Improvement which ironically enough I met someone once from Lowe's right after my mother died and this person had the exact same name as my mother, look at that!


Priscilla Dancy. Ain't that creepy? This is crazy.


Yeah, full of crazy through there. So yeah, went to Lowe's. Did a bunch of work for them. And then, came back, he's back at Global Knowledge now. So, yeah, he's back in the picture. I just wanted to check with you guys, are you following his updates? He seems to be back with a vengeance. Almost at penicillin levels of communication.


No, I haven't seen the streams.


I'd like to have him on the show. I think he's very interesting. Very, very progressive thinker and as Matt said he does have more pins than anyone Moving on. Have any of you guys noticed that Pink Elephant now has joined HDI, LinkedIn and back to ITSM, and all the other ones many sorted ways to communicate.


And there's now something called the pink form. No, not pink curtains, the pink form. Have you guys seen this?




This on Facebook?


No. Wow. Hold on. I have to get either Nietzsche or a Heigel puppet out for that one. No, this is a user forum! The pink elephant sponsors. Actually it isn't Heigel, so I don't know. No, so it's, I'll put a link on this. So, basically you can go and talk about real service management questions. Just for you guys, and this kind of goes with a question that I saw earlier today.


How many conversation forms do we need on the internet for this little topic?


One. The problem is that we'd all have to agree upon it. No ones going to agree upon it and the pink elephant guys cant be on the HD iphone's asking questions and the HDi guys can't be on the pink phones answering questions.


Well that's three. All of those guys are on all of those forums, I mean, Troy, practitioner radio. By the way if you looked at the stats, the number two episode, numbers two Two and three were Troy.




Number one being Gerard Green but.

 Yeah that was good. Once you got on black you don't go back. But they're all, I mean, Troy's on and David Ratcliff was on. So yeah, it's not like they're not on these things or other places. So I guess, if you want to check it out I'll put a link in the show notes.


There's lots of action happening everywhere.


It depends on how the job configured though. Some forms are excellent and they do a good job but They're too noisy. It's too impossible to find any kind of topics.


LinkedIn versus Back tie TSM?


Yeah, and that's the problem with unstructured user kind of your forms its a great concept. I know Doc Searls is gonna jump out of Harvard and come choke me for saying this but if you leave it to the crowds sometimes to create the voice. You know, they aren't always going to get it right. So you've got to give them a little guidance.


You've got to give them a little structure and then I think the forms take better shape. Did you see that Doc Searls article called "After Facebook"?


No, I missed that. Pretty amazing article talking about, what are we gonna do post-Facebook, how are we gonna acting and those sorts of things. Put a link in the show notes. But anytime he posts anything it's pretty amazing.


It's like that Virg guy who gave up the Internet for a year. I love those I just love them.


I'm watching him. You know I'm watching him. Very, very interesting, that guy. And then last, I think it was May 8th VPM publisher posted that the new ITIL software assessment criteria scheme for software tool venders has been released. So now that there's a new the quadrant of course there is going to be new Itel software scheme assessment.


Is this like another version of pink verify? Oh, sometimes I wish I could summons David Ratcliff. David Ratclifff! exactly that. I don't think they would call it that. But yeah. So basically you've got a set of criteria. They call it the swirl. So your software can get either a gold, bronze or silver squirrel, I think it might be silver.


I know the lowest criteria is someone just has to mention you out loud and you get that squirrel. Interesting enough. Which made me Tweet. I thought I'd share this Tweet with you every time I see ITIL software screen I have to realize that those three words are from 1998, 1963, and 1550 ITIL Software scheme.


Man, you really did prepare today, Chris. Holy cow. Looking up words and their origins. That was the tweet from two weeks ago. I just saved it. That's not preparation.


Oh. Did you see the article about everyone's ADHD?


Yes, and I thought it Particularly, yeah, it rang true for me. And it's actually there's a link in it...or embedded YouTube video to a mindfulness the eye doctor.


Yeah I like Cabit Zen Cabit Zen.


And fantastic. One of my favorite quotes was in science it's not what you know it's what you're willing to know you don't know that matters. There's a paradox around that. It's one of these knowledge paradoxes. Hooper, you've got kids, what what do you think of this ADHD? I think that everybody does have it, a little bit of it.


People express it in different ways. I don't know, I think a lot of it is just becomes that your senses I think I'm overloaded. I know when my son would watch too many movies or play too many video games he'd get more antsy. But if I told him to go for a run or you know go hit the gym he was he was fine.


See my dad told me to go hit the gym. I just don't know how history would have been forked by that one decision. Seriously. There would have been a rupture in the time-space continuum, had my father 30 years ago said, hit the gym. It would have been a hate crime.


It kind of goes back to the verge guy. The last article he had was about we know a lot of things that completely worthless because it's so easily found. A friend of his asked him you know did Jimmy Hendricks cover to this Eric Clapton song? And immediately they googled it and knew it. He left the room because not allowed to be in the room while they're Googling things.


That's funny, that's really funny. We'll put a link to his blog, well not his blog, but someone else's, does the blog for him. Because I watched him hour he was on the internet, he was playing games live like we are now. Actually, literally playing games. Hooper, you're kind of quiet kind of get you involved, I don't know how to do it.


I'll have to call Mrs. Hooper.


I heard bad news: we didn't make it into the mass challenge program this year. So it's tough news. I just found out before I got on the show. Yeah.


Oh, that's why you were late.


That was why I was late. Yeah. Just go dry my eyes.




Yeah . That's start-up life. Did you guys read my blog?


Who do I make it out to?


Do you guys have a blog? I need a tool to help me figure out when you post something.


Yeah. Well, this wasn't on my blog. This actually was picked up by Boston. And it was a blog I wrote, "Start-Up Life: Somewhere Between Suicide and Instagram."


Yeah. You know, it's a constant roller coaster ride.


So what does this mean? Does this mean anything or is it just another day?


Yeah, it's a hit for our PR marketing. It's a hit for our mentorship that we need. It's always good to have more people helping you make the right connections in the start-up scene. But at the end of the day it's customers and, you know, delivering that's gonna make us successful. So we need to just...I think it'd actually be good for us.


I think it's a good kick in the pants for us to kind of rethink where we are from our product strategy and really kind of drive our delivery more customer-centric. You know you do your best job that you can to try I like to get the customer input. But I just continue to see the team go off on these tangents of building, you know, technical accomplishments but complete customer failures.


Whoo! that's a quote, that's a Tweet. That's pretty wild. I don't know you kind of bummed me out now, I don't know if I can finish the show. Of course I can! Well so here's the good news right? That yeah, tell me something. Gmail went down this morning for 400,000 users, and it's once again why people need to reconsider their cloud strategy.


Now, what does "reconsider your cloud strategy" mean? We're Where are your points of data? right? so at least for me I wasn't impacted. I wouldn't even of known if I was impacted. I am because I wake up with a back ache. You know, your mail is pretty critical for most people, right? So, I mean, you got to think about where is it stored, how's it.


stored, where is it kept so this is good news for companies like Backupify, which backs up their GMail and it's actually good news for us because we. Were an overlay to G mail we make your Email available even if G mail goes down or Facebook goes down you can still access those messages so its good you know this kind of thing continues to help show that the proliferation.


of information and the fragments and the channels are gonna cause people to be innovative about the tools they develop you are so smart it's good for our space and I think it's good i'm not saying it's good that. well I know but it drives me crazy we people say, oh a cloud service failed you need to be ready for doom and gloom i think I put it on Facebook the other day you know the only people who care.


about the Mayan calender calender makers, The Mayans don't give it a second thought that's right like come on alright guys i was racked because you know i was riddled with. in power. No, that probably wasn't the best thing to say online.


I didn't mean to laugh, I'm sorry.


Shut up! So I was thinking about Big Data the other day 'cause I found to really great videos. One was migrations of birds and the other one was migrations of Norwegians. These two things don't have anything in common other than migration. But, the one thing I thought was that old saying. Did you ever hear that saying about, you know, if a million monkeys type one of them will create Shakespeare?




So I found, through the power of the internet, that's actually something called infinite monkey theorem. Have you heard of this infinite monkey theorem?


From you, when you tweeted it. I had to look it up.


Oh really? You actually pay attention to my Tweets?


Oh yeah. I only follow 70 people, it's really easy.


Let 's not get into that. HP laid off 27,000 people.


Yeah, I saw that.


Oh, I didn't see that.


Well, I tweeted it.


So, Beran.


Well, I don't follow Hooper anymore. That way he just found out is I don't follow Woodward.


Yeah, no one beats your tweets, Hooper. Yeah, I stopped following you once I knew that there was a PHP developer in Boston.


I finally turned that off. yeah we know. Just in time for everyone not to realize. So HP Matt, since you're in the business it's kind of been there Yeah.


They laid off 27,000 people in a major restructuring. Hooper, one of the reasons I think it's Meg Whitman there. Is that Meg?


Mmhm. Hoop?


Is that who runs that place? Is she the new CEO? I thought it was Meg Whitman maybe no. We've got the power of the internet at our hands and we're not looking it up. Oh well One of the reasons they're citing is they need to focus on innovation, which I think is just crazy because you're gonna lay off thirty thousand people to focus on innovation.


That's the most innovative thing you could do is to actually talk to those 30,000 people.


Yeah, and harvest it, make it meaningful.


So is idea that they will be more flexible, right?


They want to take that money, those salaries.




And focus them on a very small team of probably This is not the article. Low paid code hackers, you know seeing whats next.


But isn't that Hooper's problem?


Again, you know causality, you know. We could link all of this together. But, what's really going on here and why don't people realize that HP, Rim, Nokia to some extent, Motorola, you know all of these - Google to a large extent, all these companies are really having trouble staying relevant. And like what was the name of the article you just wrote there, Hooper?


Instagram and suicide, right?




What's left?


But they're not risk takers. People throw this word innovation around all the time but they really don't understand what it means.


What does innovation mean, Hooper?


There's two aspects in my opinion of innovation, right? There's displacement and there's disruption. And displacement allows you to do something better, right? You're taking something that was done before and now you're increasing its capabilities. So, social media's been around forever, right? Who didn't have AOL?


There was social media all over AOL, but Facebook made it better because it collaborated in a that made it more integrated with your close knit friends and things like that, with video and pictures and all that kind of stuff. So there's an aspect of what I would call its been innovation. Disruptive innovation is when there is something that doesn't exist and you create the opportunity to have it.


The opportunity? cell phones were disruptive, not only the fact that you could talk to somebody while you're out and about, but now you have instant access to all this Internet data and everything else out and about.


A child today has more access to information than George Bush did on 9/11.


Yeah, so, you know, I was listening to the radio program over the weekend. I never call into radio programs I really felt like calling into this one because they were talking about how this next generation is so stupid because they cant communicate. I said it's not that they're stupid That's exactly the point.


They have more information than any generation probably combined. But the problem is they don't have wisdom, right? So there's plenty of data, plenty information. They don't have the structure on how to acquire that knowledge, how to have the right set of prejudices and judgments and, you know.


So what will happen?


Well I think you're going to continue to see two groups of people become extremes. There's people where everything is so politically correct, and then the outside extreme where people are so into their own sub-cultures that they don't how to integrate with other people, you know, with the more general masses.


Uh, I was specific...I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I was specifically asking what's going to happen with the children? You cited that there is this lack of skill for them to create.

 Yeah I think that's what is going to happen. I think you're going to see two types of types of children grow up.


So you don't think that there is an evolutionary model for these children to actually adapt and create wisdom from ways that we just aren't used to, something we can't figure out yet?


Oh, I'm sure there is.


Yeah. Just wanted to bring a little hope to your glimmer of darkness. So just like, Hooper's like, you know, "All children are" you know, "Go to the gym and listen to your own music!" All right. Axious, I don't know if you guys saw this, but Axious has come out with Assist Ten and one of the big features is it's now social.


should rewrite it.


What does that mean, it's now social? Do you know how hard it is to get industry news? This is crippling! my God! You're all going to laugh at you.


I feel like a scene from Cary! Seriously industry new... It's like impossible.




The fact we don't have news should be news should be news.


All right.


So does that mean that the ITEL software compliance thing that you mentioned earlier it has a component for social because is that something that is required now for all these service desks? Well its in the magic quadrant I now because, you know I'm never one to fib. I did not read the new compliance.


Me neither. We could have Richard Faro on the show, but he's too busy collecting royalty. oooh, did I say that out loud? Yes. I just got an email saying, Dear King of Klout. Damn. All right, so, I hate the way...Oh! People are just out of their minds, lately. They don't realize that if they email you, that their Klout score goes down?


No. Let's talk about that. Seriously, let's get a little church up in here. Okay. Are you ready to go have a little church? Amen. All right. I love these people now, Have you noticed everybody is Kloutified? I spit Klout out two years ago and now everybody's losing their mind. The reality is, when you tweet that someone just gave you a plus K. I can guarantee that is dropping your Klout score.


I hope it does.


This Claire somebody from England the other day said I just think it's nice to thank people. I'm like; but you wouldn't do that in real life. I wouldn't say Matt Beran, here say something nice to me, Matt.


Chris your hair looks extremely subtle today.


Matt just said my hair looks extremely subtle. Isn't that great? Thank you Matt. The person next to me heard you.


Yeah, and I'm lost, too I already forgot about you because you were talking to someone else.


Oh, I just say people need to get over their Klout obsession. It's not Klout, it's the idea Klout.


We talk about this all the time.


Oh, God. Now I've got people from work saying they're watching the live stream. Oh, this is in trouble. Ironically, my last day of work. All right. So Google's got this new spyware. They're gonna actually be shutting down machines. I don't know what they're gonna be doing remotely, but This DNS changer.


Have you guys heard of this DNS changer? Oh yeah. Yup. Hoover? No. You know? It's a government issue right? No. What is it? Maybe we should all get on the same board with our news array. So basically it's some type of a malware that changes your DNS to redirect it to another DNS server so that can send you to sites when you type in Google it might take you to some other site because DNS just does the translation there.


But sometime in mid-June Google's going to actually cut off access to their service if your machine's been infected, I'll put a link in the show notes. Two things that are important to talk about this. If you just go out and Google DNS changer malware there's a page, one page you can click on, it'll tell you are you infected or not.


Because it's just checking to see where you're DNS servers are. So that's a big thing, don't - and the reason I say that, I was just that Micro Center the other day, which is one of the little computer stores here in town, and they're charging $30 if you bring in your laptop or computer to find out if you've been infected.


they're the new BASFI. Yeah. So yeah. Check it out. I think, you know, you just don't need to pay anyone to find out if you've been infected. More importantly, like Cooper said, if you depend on Google Google services. Mid-June when you can't access any of them, you'll know why. News, guys, got any more news?


I've got news for days. Did you guys hear about this this rumor that Facebook might make a SmartPhone? Yeah, they're hiring a bunch of Apple developers? That rumors been around for like a year. It's been around for a little while, yeah. Didn't they already do it too. I thought...Oh, no. Someone else made a Facebook-only data phone that was like for kids.


This one seems real. But you also on a podcast said employers really were asking for passwords to Facebook. And they were. Yeah, and still are probably. Who? Who? I've yet to find one article that actually names an employer who did.


I'll send it to you.


No one will share it because they wanna stay hired. Actually, Hooper's


Yeah, Hooper's cut off on a than ask me for my passwords. Actually, you know what? I was just at a cookout this Sunday and one of my wife's cousins is a principal and she was saying there was school system that was doing that . They were also asking the teachers to give them their user names and password because kids might contact them, and they needed to be able to monitor that, and they said no.


Yeah, there's a whole bunch of teachers out there that would love to friend their students and see them taking bong hits. Well I'm sure they'd love to friend their students. I've read their stories all all the time. Why does no one hire adults anymore? Hire adults that make responsible decisions. It bothers me.


It bothers me crazy. Like, my wife has simple rules - she's a teacher. And I might add, she's an attractive teacher. I agree. And her rule is very simple. If you're a current student, not going to friend you ever. Like, graduate and yeah you can talk to me about Spanish. So once you graduate from your wife's class you can become her friend?


Yeah, and you know, then she can see like how many of her Spanish students go on to do Spanish majors in college. Like, it's an easy way for her to do KPI on her...No mas. No mas. never mind. We're not going there. We should do a whole episode in Spanish. Google released a slide deck, which I thought was pretty cool very, very transparent of them talking about the anti-spam and the measures they take to protect you from password hacking.


The title that was "The age of the password is over and never coming back." Point of this little news article is, again, if Google can put out something this intimate to their business to just anybody. I think it says a lot about business today or maybe they think they just can't...they can release that sort of thing and not worry about it.


What really looked cool to me was they had department that was dedicated to a higher purpose. And it was dedicated first to this password cracking and then it was to hijack the this department sort of changed as what was happening changed. I think that is how I see innovation needing to happen I was talking to someone from Best Buy and she put it perfectly: The problem with Best Buy isn't that they're becoming the showroom for Amazon, because they are.


That is what's happening. You know, people go and look and then they go buy it somewhere else where it's cheaper. The problem is that Best Buy hasn't figured out how to monetize, being the showroom for Amazon. Go where the market wants you to go. You need to be flexible and change as you need to change and not fire 37,000 people, that could be flexible and change.




I think if Best Buy wants to become relevant, I told you this Barron, they should embrace the fact that they're showroom for Amazon, but employ people who are the Engadget in real life.


 Oh, yeah, yeah.


 That's right.


 All right, so we solved your problem, Best Buy. checks in the mail. We should just have a podcast where we solve world issues. And then sign checks and rip them up. And then rip up checks. So, Hooper, anything else going on in the world of CIO, start-ups, SIM no I don't have anything else. I think we covered it.


That's it? That's it. Barron, you have anything else? Yeah, I got a couple things. Social media adoption. If you want social media adoption in your ITSM tools, you need to turn it on by default and not allow people to turn it off. Do you know why some people actually decide to foster parent over adopting.


Try before you buy? Genetics? You know, you guys have just devolved humanity end of the crisis that I fear that it is. You just took children and made them try before you buy. Oh, God It's not like we're not streaming this entire show live and this can't be edited out. Oh, my Lord. Someone get me a crucifix.


No, It just drives me crazy when people talk about adoption and stuff. I think there's a real good reason adoption and foster parenting were two activities within parenting realm. And I think, you know, when people say we need to foster this idea of adoption within our enterprise, they don't really ever actually think about the word adoption and I think to actually look up the word adoption would probably be the most relevant thing to do.


Do you want to hear my analogy I give when I'm teaching ITIL? You are an ITIL teacher, by the way probably looking for work. Great. When I talk about adoption, I use the analogy of a guy who's maybe dating an a woman with kids. I thought you were going to say a dating a white woman. That's what I thought you were going to say.


I was like, where is this going? of kids and the kid gets sick. They might say, "Well, we're not gonna go out to the movie. We may stay home." Things like that, right? Whereas if the point where the kid gets sick and he's ready to sell his sports car, ready to give up his condo to help pay for the bills, and take things to the next level to really care for that kid.


That's the level of adoption. It's a true commitment. You know? It's how much you invested in this relationship. So, it's like the processes and the organization that you build around the organization you build and the processes you institute around that organization, how committed are you? And how far are you willing to go?


Whereas if you foster parent in an organization. You're more concerned with the general wellbeing of the population of children.




And getting them through a crisis so that you can move on and help the next appropriate needy person. Fostering makes more sense in the enterprise than adopting.




Fostering is actually agile human care. whereas adoption is very single minded egotist type of thing.


Well, I would say from a process perspective, but from a cultural perspective, I'm not sure I agree. I think adoption is critical.


Oh yeah.


I could've went with a single payer system there when you dropped the health care issue earlier, but I didn't. All right.


That went right over my head.


In our ever not to be political podcast, my final story, and I'm gonna let. Do you have one more at least, Baron?


Data sexiness.


Okay, we'll make that the last one. My last one is from Engadget, 5-22, so recently. But not really if. So they have now successfully. I'm trying to figure out what school it was. But I was in a fight with Jeff Brooks from Gartner at the Service Now event. Oh, ching. And I said to him, because he's all about the data center, I said, "Dude, data centers don't exist in the future, you are the data center." I've said this before, I've tweeted it, Dude, you're the If you're between 30 and 50, you're gonna have data in you.


It's just a matter of time, right? You were the floppy disk. We've already proved that you're the platform. now scientists have developed rewritable digital storage built in your DNA. And this was...we've been flirting with this for some time. But it was the re-writable using, at Stanford they did this last week using natural enzymes that create re-writable storage directly in living DNA cells.


So, I'll just ask you too: given the choice, now you might not be comfortable with the idea today, but given the choice, where do you feel most safe with your data? In my pocket, on a thumb drive. Right. Middle of my heart. All right, so two extremes. One host says, "on the device in my pocket, closest to the probably thing you cherish the most," and the other the other host says in the middle of the heart.


Or brain. Or brain. I don't know. I just think that the time for me to bring my own device was a red herring for the fact that I could be able to come into the enterprise, pick up anything and just grab it, and boom. There is my data. Right there. There's your USB interface. There's your FireWire.


There's your Thunderbolt. This is not a 20-year thing. This is a 6-year thing. We'll be doing a podcast then and I'll talk about how I shared photos at a table in the airport lounge of Cathay Pacific that I was admired to 'cause I was a Klout high score person.


By touching it?




Fantastic. And if you need to back it up, you just shake hands with someone?






Did you wash that data after you were done?


Did you wash the data?


Is this clean data?


Alright dirty.


I mean the Dyson Handblades. Can you imaging those things?


That 's the format. That's the format.


All exit interviews you have to take their hands and just.


Scary . I like it though. Yeah. I think you're getting close. The Google goggles thing kind of goes that way. And anyway.


Dude, speaking of Google goggles Okay sorry.




Did you guys see the second video that's been released now?


Yeah, the trampoline thing?


The trampoline. Hooper.




So this guy's released a video now and it's really interesting because it shows him using Google Goggles. So it's the recording of him using them, right? So it's his vision outward or using the camera. And what I thought was so amazing about this was there's this viral video it's going around this weekend.


Well, this guy asked his wife to marry him while she's in a truck and he's got a bunch of people dancing along and stuff. And it's cute, but had that been shot from her point of view, using Google Goggles, that would have totally changed that dynamic.


And from his point of view.




I'll have to check it out.


Yeah, we'll check it out.


So, Chris sent me this awesome article about Data Sexiness, and you kind of talk about this breed of people that are sort of emerging to be Digital OCD,dData hungry .


Now this is the rise of the datasexual?


Yes, the datasexual.


Hooper's like. Look at Hooper's face. Did he just say datasexual? Go ahead.


It makes sense that people, and you see them, there are people who want bit of data. I heard it on NPR yesterday that there was a guy, he wants his ICD data from Medtronic. Like, he wants to know all the stats about his pump. And I think that it's a growing breed. I feel like I am one of these people.


I wanna know all the data about everything that I'm doing all the time but I'm also, sort of, lazy sexual. I want the devices and. Yeah, exactly I want the devices and tools.


Not all devices should have sensors. Let me just stop you there.


I want them to manage that. for me so that...because I don't have the time. And photos is a perfect case where I want to save every photo ever taken. And my wife wants...she wants the ones that look bad. But I want to say even that look bad are blurry. I want to say that every single one of them but I don't have the time to go through them and organize them in any way, shape or form.


So, until the devices are better at doing that for me.


Where are all those images that are blurry and not shaped? And where are they all saved now?


Google Drive and Dropbox. Both.


No. How about if he didn't have anything technical. In his head? Exactly.


Oh, yeah.


Just to bring it around, kids.


I know, I just wish that I could get them out of my head. I need.


That's a medication question, that's not really about this topic.


You take that pill and now, it out comes the pictures.


There is, there's actually pills that do, they've got a, I'll put a link to the show notes. They'll be the last show notes. There's actually medication now that will actually re-selective memories.


I think I've got the wired article over here somewhere.


The last three years would not be one them. All right guys is that it? it. Are we done?


That's is, we're done.


I'm gonna go ahead and put a couple of other things in the show notes for you guys. Matt tweeted out something about his Klout score being affected the day he showed up at Knowledge, I've got a great screen shot of that, that I want to get get out to you guys. Obviously, the Facebook saga is not over yet with the IPO scandal.


Service Now obviously lots of things changing there. Back to ITSM, the Facebook group is just going nuts. And then I tried out this thing the other day called UberConference and it's pretty damn cool.


Oh. What's the name of the service that backs up everything from a conference?


Which one? There's about a hundred.


The one you did in your Digital Literacy one. I want to save all my tweets from Knowledge, so that I can justify my attendance next year.


How nice! I used two things, I use Topsy and I use -




Yeah, Topsy. Target stats for that sort of thing. Okay, we will see everybody in two weeks, and hopefully we'll have our friend from SalesForce, or old SalesForce on for that show. Hooper, best, you know.


I don't know.


Come out with an app.


Upward and downward, baby.


So yeah. Just because you're not in mass challenge, that just means you pay rent, that doesn't mean anything else, right?




It's not bad, it's not a bad thing.


Just means we choose another direction on how we operate. No big deal.


So you're okay. All right. This has been ITSM Weekly, the podcast episode 90. Most old women don't get to be this old. And we will talk to everyone in two weeks. Thank you so much. Bye.


Thanks everybody.




This was ITSM Weekly. Thank you for listening. For more information about this podcast and ITSM news, go to


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