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Roadmaps for Yesterday, the 2013 Conference Season 

As I wrote about the "future that happened yesterday", I realized it was that time of year again.  That time of year where I have to dig deep inside myself to define the topics that will drive our industry, yup I'm talking conference season! 

As I have in the past with "Fabulous as a Service" I am publishing the topics that I am submitting to conferences and organizations for calendar year 2013. All sessions are always avaialbe the day before the event and a full review of conferences past. How about where I am presenting in the future and finally what I'm talking about is always online.

On a very personal note, if anyone can support getting Rob England (The IT Skeptic) to a conference and put him on stage with me, I promise you'll have the session of the decade.

Don't worry, it's not too late to get a little bit of Dancy in your coffee, five countries to go, you can find me at the following cities and dates soon!

2013 Sessions Topics

I'm ready for my close up, Mr. Jobs. (2013)

- How contextual aware information systems are changing support.

IT has evolved to become IS, with this change information systems have become contextually aware.  Context is based on many factors that change the support dynamic.

The most aggressive use case of IS context is location.  Location changes the types of FAQ's a user may ask, changes the way a field tech carry's out his/her daily routine. Technology today is enabling a new breed of services that bring valuable data, tools and metrics that dramatically change the world of support.

  • Learn the five key drivers to location aware support.
  • Review the metrics that drive knowledge workers when assisted by contextual aware devices and data.
  • Top 10 ways you can use location in your support organization today.

Dave, I'm Afraid I have to Place you On Hold (2013 2014)

-Robotics and IT Support.

You can't manage it until you measure it. This mantra has lead to an era of automation, self-service and consolidation.  Doing more with less, doing less with less.  The IT department is birthing out robots faster than an alien invasion.  These robots are not the type we were told about in our childhood, these robots are here to take our jobs away.

While many herald the coming revolution in IT, we should stop and give pause to what we will do with the millions of displaced workers in 2020.

  • Review a history in robotics that have displaced human jobs.
  • Look forward at the trends in automation that are disrupting information technology and information systems.
  • Discover the skills that will be desirable for knowledge workers as "automation" becomes commonplace.
  • The five employees you meet in heaven, augmented, AI, Robot, human, post carbon

Existence as a platform - Quantified Self meets the internet of Things (2013 2014)

-The Knowledge Worker of 2015

We are empowered with God like technology and beholden to a system of measurement that can could only be described as a wooden ruler.  In this provocative session, explore the metrics of today and tomorrow’s knowledge worker.  Rooted deeply in quantified self, today’s humans are carrying more than devices, they moving data factories.  In this very intimate tour see how the work of moving knowledge, recording bio-activity, archiving your social habits and even actions that happen around the house al add up to create the most astounding image of the last generation not to be automatically quantified.

  • Review today’s automation tools for recording activity based on knowledge work, Social Sharing, Biology, and Home automation.
  • Analyze data and make decisions based on trends in your life.
  • Peer in to the next 7 years of knowledge work and how we will move to measurements that meet and exceed our technology.
  • Learn more about Chris Dancy, than you are probably comfortable with.

Born enslaved, the evolution DNA based customer service. (2013/2014)

-Genetics, the last information system.

Humans have been slowly evolving for many years.  For the first time in the history of organic life, our species has the ability to influence it's own evolution via technology, DNA and augmentation

Supporting augmented, evolved or genetically superior humans has been changing the work place for over 20 years.  From 508 compliance, employees Pharmacologically enhanced to the incoming freshman using body hacks like devices like emotiv the future of human support is biological and your service levels should reflect this.

  • Review a history of human technological evolution and it's effect on the enterprise.
  • Learn how augmented knowledge workers are changing the enterprise today.
  • Explore the genetics of human evolution post species schism.

Buddha had an iPad (2013 2014)

-Mindfulness the ultimate body hack for today's knowledge worker.

Today knowledge workers are slammed with information from millions of different sources.  Emails, TV, Radio, Text Messages, Social Media, other people, intuition and nature.  The sensor overload has lead to many people either disconnecting, shutting down or slowly killing themselves trying to keep up.

Being human in 2013 means accepting change at an emotional level so that you can ride the waves of data around.  Digital Information Emotional Surfing, yup DIES, is the one of the easiest ways knowledge work can be accomplished today.  The roots are found in the eastern tradition of "Mindfulness".

  • Learn the tools of staying connected without being connected. 
  • Review the practices of inevitability management and how to successfully ride the peace within your data driven life.
  • Define the five traits of highly adaptable knowledge workers.

Business as Unusual, The war for corporate Culture. (2013)

-The inner workings for todays successful business culture

From civilizations to thriving organizations, humanity has been defined by it's culture.  Polite society defines culture as a state of balance between the arts, sciences and a pursuit of the humanities.

Organizationally culture translates very differently.  Corporate culture has long been heralded as the key to successful change, leadership and a host of other maturities that exist in an analyst vacuum.

What does it mean to have a healthy organizational culture, what defines that health and how do you achieve it?

Now that the enterprise has been redefined, knowledge workers have been transformed how will we know when we have "arrived".

Is culture a destination or a journey? This provocative session will examine three global organizations and the key elements that have redefined their existence.

In Closing 

As we close 2012 conference season, I'd like to thank Pink Elephant, itSMF Australia, SDI, itSMF Canada, HDI USA, HDI Brazil and countless of other organizations and groups that had the courage to bring innovation and not just another talking point to their conference.

Your members are smarter than you think and demand content worthy of their attention.  

Enjoy Clockwork Orange: Mobility, Big Data, and the Coming Singularity, from HDI Digital May 2012



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