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Leaders, Managers and Elks - ITSM Weekly Podcast Top of the World Episode 2 


Leaders, Managers and Elks

What happens at the Top of the world related to IT Service Management.

Your Hosts:  Daniel BillingAale RoosHarry RepoMichael Imhoff Nielsen

We are searching for a additional crew member representing Norway. Interested ? email:  - twitter: #ITSMTOW


 Episode 2 Topics:


ITSMF moscow - Aale speaking , Harry is conducting ITSMF monitoring on process maturity and Michael is patting his elks.
Apple WWDC - IOS 6 
Yammer aquisition - Will microsoft replace any existing 
ServiceNow goes public (IPO) 

Aales survey of the month
( 82 responses by e-mail, no anonymous)
The survey was about user rights. 1 in 4 give full rights to employees
  • 60 % think it hinders the users
  • 96 % think locking pc’s increases security
  • 25% gives uses full admin rights
Security isn't about access to your gear, it's about culture and mindset. Free resources within security to monitor instead of locking down devices.

Main Topic_________________

Leadership vs Management
what is this the difference? Michael shared his definitions: Management is controlling, monitoring and follow-up. Leadership is the vision and setting the direction. You should have both elements, but it's a rare combo.
Governance is the management of management.
Many ITSM project fails due to lack of governance. 
Discusion goes deeper targeting the ITIL terminology, such as Process and management. Is it only to to make ITIL look more cool and authoritarian, are we not only talking about administration, configuration and planning.
Management is also about making the work easier. 
Your current position requires different mix of leadership and management
Leaders are followed and as a primate we need someone to follow.
The Manager is your parents and the Leader is your idol.
Governance is your gameplan including the referees.
Governance is not really a task for the ITSM, IT governance is a task for the board. 
What will happen if all managers would be removed, will the herd be scattered.
IT is not often represented in the top management team.
To be honest, we are missing out on great leaders. 
Next recording will be done end of july - Stay tuned






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