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Settle differences without violence or destruction - ITSM Weekly Podcast Top of the World Episode 3 

Settle differences without violence or destruction

What happens at the Top of the world related to IT Service Management.

Top of the world edition (TOW) August 2012

HOSTS Episode 3Daniel BillingAale RoosHarry RepoMichael Imhoff Nielsen

we are searching for a additional crew member representing Norway. Interested ? email:  - twitter: #ITSMTOW



Aale is back from vacation, Harry is starting his and Michael haven't started. Daniel is still enjoying his 8 weeks (in your face!)
Congratulations Aale - who got grand daugther no 2.  
* ITSMF International AGM in Stockholm September 21st.
* ITSMF SE and DK have 10th anniversity
TFT12 - Tomorrow's IT service future today - Start in New Zealand on 5 December 2012 and FOLLOW the SUN until we finish in Hawaii. Vote for your favorite speaker.
Chris Dancy to BMC
Aales survey of the month
( 41 responses by e-mail, no anonymous)

 * The questions was about maturity
  • Used old KPMG scale: technology- processes- services- customer - business-centric
  • 70 % at level zero
  • 20 % at process level
  • 10 % at service level
  • too many put business as a goal, real goal should be next level

Main Topic_________________

ITSM maturity - do we need a scale?
*There is a lot of tool projects running now. is it due to greater process maturity or searching for shortcuts
can you mature by changing tool - at least you can enhance the user experience , but a fool with a tool is still a fool.
*Assessment of what (technology, people skills, organisation, processes, services) and is it maturity or capabilities or both?
*You should start your assessment by asking the right questions - what do you want to achive?
*Look into the Continual service improvement
*Assessment models - CMMITIPA , ISO/IECSPICE
Stick to one assessment model otherwise it's impossible to benchmark/compare.
* avoid self-assessment, companies tend to rate higher then their actual maturity.
Most important question is what do you do with it
Don't waste money just doing assessments, unless you want to fund consultants
Aales survey method - spend one day at the service desk
Reasons for assessing, is it just to show that we are doing what we are supposed to or is it for a true aim at improving for the benefit of the business?
upcoming event where TOW will send live from the floor :
ITSMF - DK  26-27 Sep
ITSMF - SE 22 Oct
Next recording will be done end of Aug - Stay tuned







Settle differences without violence or destruction - ITSM Weekly Podcast Top of the World Episode 3 from ServiceSphere on Vimeo.



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