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You can LEAD IT to water and drown it like a Witch

Australia itSMF LEADIT was a very exciting event, and I want to unpack a few things with readers, haters and consumers of my blog.

Recently in a #BACK2ITSM Facebook group a question was asked about SIGS (Special Interest Groups and international itSMF).

It sparked me to answer with the question with the following reply:

The itSMF structure is sustainable because people will want to "belong". It's probably not sustainable in 5 years.

itSMF could "fix" itself:

  1. Making publications and IP global in nature, (see ISACA)
  2. Removing the chapter (country) system (the world became flat in 2005)
  3. Governance to not allow any board member from a chapter to ever serve at the international level.
  4. Get out of the business of promoting education, and promote skills (drop all the prism, certification etc from any focus)
  5. Extract itself from TSO, APMG and any other org.
  6. Look to communities best practices
  7. Abandon the idea of a itSMF website outside of it being a directory.
  8. Work closely with staffing agencies globally
  9. Stop pushing for surveys and whitepapers (no one has time to read them)
  10. Eat more chocolate

The IT Skeptic does a much better job at figuring out itSMF international than I ever will. 

I’d like to give you a little background on my love affair with Austrlia’s itSMF and ITSM community in Oceania.

2010 - A delegation from itSMF Australia saw me speak at itSMF USA Fusion 10, Where I received the Presidents award from USA and gave a session on the importance of using social media in your ITSM strategy (you can see this everywhere at every conference but still, no one gives you answers, well I do.)

Let it also be noted for my completely out of control ego, I gave a similar session for HDI in 2008.

2011 - I am invited to keynote at itSMF Australia on Big Data, Mobility and Customer Engagement.

2012 - I am invited to keynote on the Reputation economy for knowledge workers.(this presentation goes on to trend on slideshare)

Also during 2012, LEADIT itSMF Australia hits 120,000 global impressions from their social presences(see other stats below), has futurist Ross Dawson and a Panel on Green IT close the show.

LEADIT in 2012, had a conference app, prizes for best 1st time speaker, best conference speaker, a keynote on retaining talent in a in this new decade, Rob England introduced in public "Standard and Case", they opened the conference with Brad Busch and Kathryn Howard in a keynote showing people how to use social media for work, professional life and retain sanity.

LEADIT featured Matthew Burrows, Ian Clayton, Ivor McFarland, heck the conference even had an ignite session where five speakers had to do 20 slides a person in less than 15 seconds a slide.

This isn't a conference that is catering to the ITIL / ITSM masses with cute session titles, 15 tracks or the obligatory "Problem Management, my journey to enlightenment".

No, itSMF Australia is about LEADING IT, it's about defining work today, yes today in 2012.  The board is more concerned about the retooling of our IT staff, than the education of it's senior management, and isn't that what conference should be about?

The last day of the conference, unofficially each year is an event that has nothing to do with IT, last year a wine tour, this year an island cruise.

This conference is for your mind, body and spirit.

I've been invited back for 2013; my only fear is I've run out of innovation while the board, membership and ITSM community is surging forward.

Will LEADIT ever grow to have the 2000 plus attendees that HDI and Pink Elephant enjoy?  It’s hard to say, with 700 plus people at the event this year, that road will be a steep one.  I do know that they are the model for which conference should be shaped and they lead with innovation.

I am fortunate that I have spent the last 12 years in 15 countries at close to 50 different ITSM conferences, in all four major roles:

  1. An attendee
  2. A speaker
  3. A vendor
  4. An organizer.

I must say that LEADIT probably covers all these bases equally better than any other conference on earth.

The closes our industry got to an "IT Spring" was probably Pink Elephants 2011 conference.

Bar none, get yourself to Pink 2013, HDI 2013 and itSMF Australia LEADIT 2013. 

I’m going to end a few photos and a little data science courtesy of our friends over at Topsy Pro Analytics.

See all my photos LEADIT 2012 itSMF Australia here.

Thanks you ifttt you can view all the #LEADIT tweets here!

Data Science has a long way to go, but let’s look at a few stats from 2011 and 2012 for the LEADIT itSMF Conference.


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