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Top of the World

The way globes are made, positions me, writing this in Helsinki at 60 degrees north, at the top of the world. That is of course an illusion, there are no directions in space, only in our heads. When we started our Nordic ITSMWP we noticed that our British colleagues were calling their podcast Rest Of the World, so we became Top Of the World.

Chris has given me access to publish on his site and I suppose I should introduce myself first. I met Chris at the ITSM Spring, i.e. Pink'11 where I was a speaker. Of course we knew each other from social media first. The reason I call it the ITSM Spring was the opening video, Do You Get It, which was really great. I believe that was due to Chris working for Pink at that time. 

I started in ITSM in 1980's. I was appointed as a manager of Customer Service in a large IT Service Provider and told to set up a Help Desk. That was new stuff and I flew to UK to take Malcolm Fry's course on it. Some yeas later I started working as a consultant and met with Ron Muns and started a long cooperation with HDI. 

Later on I became interested in ITIL and soon started teaching it at all levels but now I'm known as a harsher critic of ITIL than the IT Skeptic (his own words).

One of my special interest areas are suveys and HDI still sells my old book How to Measure Customer Satisfaction but don't buy it. I have written better free advice on that area at Three Question Survey Method

To day I have my own one man consulting company and work mainly in Finland. I will be speaking at itSMF Moscow and London Conferences this year. At itSMF Helsinki conference I will be running an experimental online poll board.

I have been watching this industry a long time and I think we are approaching a major change in how a Service Desk operates. The point is that a 2012 service desk is not much different from a 1992 help desk, the basic concept has not changed. People take calls, record tickets and try to solve users problems.

Some support units have quite different approach to day. You can find some examples from my Service 2.0 document (free and no registration required). If somebody can support 2 million customers per one support person, they must be on to something. Support needs to become more social and the eara of technical problems should be left behind. The new support is about capabilities and opportunities.

I plan to write about SD 2.0 and other ITSM stuff here. On Twitter I'm @aalem.


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