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Reflections on the SDI 2012 Conference - ITSMROWP Episode 44


Reflections on the SDI 2012 Conference - ITSMROWP Episode 44 from ServiceSphere on Vimeo.


ITSMWPROW Show Notes Episode 44


Reflections on the SDI 2012 Conference


Tony Probert of Cherwell Software

Frieda Morton Evans @itsmgoddess – says hello and goodbye

Rebecca Beach @gobbymidget - SDI Professional of the Year Award Winner

Jo England @englandschoice

Staverton Park Daventry

Butlin’s redcoats

The piano has been drinking (video)

Howard Kendall – a lifetime achievement award (and he’s still alive)


The Opening keynote from James Timpson

“Help unsuitable employees find their happiness elsewhere”

Timpson’s Upside Down Management

Timpson’s are one of the largest recruiters of ex-offenders in the UK

“If you love what you do, you won’t see it as work”


Ken Goff’s session

“Attack the issue, not the person”


The breakout sessions

Don Page session (What no expletives? 16 mins...ah there we go!)

“It’s not IT, it’s Business Technology”

Tony Probert’s session – There’s no link, but it had something to do with ducks

SDI Service Desk Certification

EFQM Model (PDF Download)

Kent County Council - 4 Star Service Desk

Returning to normal abuse (video)

Andrew Smith from BMC

“Consumerisation of IT doesn’t fit with our current Service Portfolios”


Q&A session with Award Finalists

Heineken - winner of the large team IT Service Excellence award

ID Business Solutions – winner of the small team IT Service Excellence award

Rebecca Beach - winner of the ITSM Professional award

The nobody that won the IT Supplier of the year award

Angela Wint

Jean Gamester

“Get the service desk involved with the business and the customer”

Service Desk Analyst (SDA) Certification

“I have to work for a company that I’m proud of”


Patrick wearing Stavros Flatley’s wig

Robin Goldsbro - O2

Keith Greatorex - Inspirational Service Desk Leadership

Chris Dancy’s really exciting stuff


Paul King - AXA

Simon Ball – TNT excellent session on Problem Management

Barclay Rae – SLM – Get Barclay’s really valuable materials here


Sam Ellis – Atos Origin – Next generation user experience

Survey’s – Respect your customers time

Timpson’s mystery shopper

Do we ask service desk staff to rate themselves?


Day 2

Chris Dancy’s session was terrifying – Get the whitepaper and slides here

Killer vacuum cleaner (video)

Ray Kurzweil - The six epochs of technology evolution

Watch your Klout scoreKnowledge workers and the reputation economy

Welcome to Life – the video from Chris Dancy’s session (video)

The cult of the enterprise celebrity


SDI – The 9 key concepts of 5 star service (video)

Michael Heppel – Achieving brilliance through 5 star service

Chris was finishing his blog

What we thought of the conference…

Download - The service desk of 2017 whitepaper


Next ITSMWPROW – Aug 2012 






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