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The Strange Case of Mr Rae - ITSMROWP Episode 45



ITSMWPROW Show Notes Episode 45


Hot chilli’s in India (video)


RBS failure leaves man stuck in prison

O2 nationwide network failure

Do we switch suppliers because of failures?

O2 managed the failure well on Twitter

The O2 fault lay with Ericsson

Article blames outsourcing to India for RBS failure

TCS vs. Infosys performance – The Times of India

10 Trillion and counting


American vs. European billion

Stephen’s blog on Service-Now IPO


Barclay Rae is on Facebook!!!

He did it purely for Back2ITSM

Chris Matchett has had a baby

The flowchart from Karen Ferris on social media tools


itSMF Australia LeadIT discussion

Ken Gonzalez Brightalk session on ISO20000

The Brightalk panel with Barclay and Ben Clacy


UCISA Conference

University of Northampton ITSM Conference



The itSMF Conference agenda is out

Kevin Holland in Morris dancing gear

Core ITSM or Core ITSM

Katherine Howard, Mark Smalley, Aale Roos

Aale Roos - Unlearning ITIL

The spirit of Ian Clayton enters the room

Get the Jedward (video)

Let’s demonstrate value, not what IT does

Service Experience Design workshop

Drop kick a poodle

Amazon – The best service is no service


Barclay has an iPad

Chris Dancy’s impersonation of Barclay

Sounds like a jewish mother (video)

The strange case of Mr Pelham

Patrick’s Apple toaster and lawnmower

Apple is cool according to a high court judge

Pre-order your iPhone 5

Sales of the Samsung Note


Do we stick with inferior products/services because it’s a hassle to change?

Sony PlayStation service recovery with Welcome Back

Apple accepts responsibility, but not fault – iPhone bumpers

It’s the small things that matter to customers

Avoid snoring and bad table manners (video)


The new series of the Service Desk Inspector


Don’t friend this guy on Facebook


Next ITSMWPROW – Aug 2012


The Strange Case of Mr Rae - ITSMROWP Episode 45 from ServiceSphere on Vimeo.





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