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The road to Enterprise 2.0 - ITSM Weekly Podcast Top of the World Episode 4 

Enterprise 2.0

What happens at the Top of the world related to IT Service Management.

Top of the world edition (TOW) September 2012

HOSTS Episode 4Daniel BillingAale RoosHarry RepoMichael Imhoff Nielsen

GuestOscar Berg

we are searching for a additional crew member representing Norway. Interested ? email:  - twitter: #ITSMTOW


*Harrys main news - don't eat the fish in the Molndal river
*ITSMF DK is coming up 26-27:th September - ITSM TOW will be recording
*800 reads on Aales report on ITSM tool - seems to be a huge interest
*Company that have Selfservice and Knowledge in tool is the most satisfied
*ITSMF SE - 22nd October - lots of international guests
*2.0 - we are in a major shifts

Main Topic_________________

People have better devices at home and want to bring them to work. Will increase productivity.
User-centric thinking in the enterprise 

Let changes take time, people need to time to adapt and use new technology.

Dodge the silver bullet. It's not about the tools. it's not another storage of document 
It's about People interaction. sharing content and creating collaboration

Wordpress and Flowdock use their own tool.
Recognition is everyone 

ITSM pundits on the ITSMreview.
Tobias Nybergs stepping out of the shadows 
Reputation measurement is tricky. Some tool exist like KloutPeer index
We need to reflect on how we work and find more efficient ways to work.
People start thinking and get out of your safetyzone. Challenge yourself to do things better.
Next recording will be done start of October - Stay tuned




The road to Enterprise 2.0 - ITSM Weekly Podcast Top of the World Episode 4 from ServiceSphere on Vimeo.






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