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Standard + Case - ITSM Weekly The Podcast Antipodean Edition Episode 24


Standard + Case - ITSM Weekly Antipodean Podcast Episode 24

What happens when the bottom of the world chat about IT Service Management.

HOSTS Episode 24: Karen Ferris, Tristan Boot, Simone Moore, Rob England







Our new regular podcast host Rob England gives a potted history of himself and his alter ego the IT Skeptic.

Month in Review

Simone – New HDAA support news. Accepted presentation for TFT12.

Tristan – New job is going well but requires more coffee!

Rob – Also accepted for TFT12. Rob attended Oceania CACS ISACA Conference. Summary of the itSMFA keynote speakers including Karen and Rob here.

Karen – Spoke at the Forrester CIO Summit in Sydney. Review here.

Karen is presenting at the Melbourne post-conference roadshow on 11th October.

Standard + Case Approach

Charles Betz mentioned adaptive case management to Rob and got Rob very excited.

Case management – a discipline well understood in other sectors such as health, law enforcement, legal etc. but not in IT.

There is no process!!

ITIL talks about standard models but doesn’t really cater for a case approach. Service Desk will look for standard approach but will run out of options when the “new” thing happens. As Hank Marquis says, “I have just fallen off the bottom of the checklist”.

As Simone says it is deductive reasoning (linear checklist model) versus inductive reasoning (when something is unfamiliar and requires an experimental approach).

Problem management requires an adaptive case management approach. Most of the time incident management and request management requires a standard approach.

If there is no model found, we move into adaptive case management.

Case management has policies and checklists but is not governed by defined process.

Gamification has a big part to play. People can be certified to perform certain standard models. They get more certification as they can perform more models. As they are trained to be caseworkers they can be certified as caseworkers and level up.

There are also strong link to KCS.

It is a great way in which to motivate people and is a fairer approach.

Organisations need to release the difference between standard and case. Service management and case management are not limited to IT.

They are like tectonic plates colliding. We need WD40!

Cannot apply a resolution time or SLA to case management items.

Rob is writing a book on the subject matter. Watch this space!

itSMF Australia Post Conference Roadshow Details

Booby(s) of the Month

VMWare for killing off a fantastic service desk. See Rob’s blog.

Pick of the Month

Kirstie Magowan’s excellent blog’s:


The team will record Episode 25 on October 18th.

Simone will be in France but will join us for our festive roundup in December.

Suggestions for guests and podcast content to 













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Reader Comments (2)

Are there new podcast every week. I am trying to get back into the swing of things and need all of the information I can get. I understand it a lot better through podcast form also.

October 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSteve

Podcast are monthly for antiopodean shows.

October 26, 2012 | Registered CommenterChris Dancy

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