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Experiential Learning, Playing with Fire - Practitioner Radio Episode 31


Troy’s Thunder Bolt Tip of The Day:

When considering your education objectives pay close attention to the learning style and model that fits your organization’s culture. Consider what you want to obtain conceptual knowledge or useful life skills.

Show Notes:


  • ·      Diverging (feeling and watching) - 
  • ·      Assimilating (watching and thinking)
  • ·      Converging (doing and thinking)
  • ·      Accommodating (doing and feeling)
  • Myers Briggs for Education
  • Khan Academy (Reverse Learning)
  • Why is pain a motivator?
  • No one wants to be told their baby is ugly
  • 3rd Person learning
  • Hook Book Look took
  • Stakeholders learn different, so consider how you message


Listen below or download the MP3 HERE!  / iTunes / PinkAPP for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android






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by Chris Dancy