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2013 - The Predictions for the Future Enterprise (Part 2 of 3)

After a healthy look back at a year in ITSM and IT Management, that every CIO, marketing professional and knowledge worker, should print out, and memorize, now we look forward.


I'm from the future; I can do this part easy. 

First let's talk about the future, it happened about three years ago.  So wildly futuristic or smart people are not forward thinking, they are PRESENT THINKING.  They, on purpose or accidentally, practice something called ‘mindfulness’.  They are fully present and can explain to you what you are looking at.  Previously, you only found these folks in museums, as professional valets or as actual consultants.  Nowadays, with all the work having shifted to creating Gangnam-style music videos, we don't have many thinkers left, and even fewer thinkers who are FULLY PRESENT, non-judging and non-striving.

2013 is rooted directly in the presentation I did last year for itSMF Australia.

The presentation covered three principles:

  • Reputation - Algorithmic scoring based on work narration, collaboration and consumption
  • Knowledge Locker - The cloud systems that collect and save data about your life, that you save through automation, manually or though trusted networks
  • Quantified Self - The measurements of ones own work, life, surroundings and health.

Now on to my predictions for 2013

Contextual Service Management will be the result of reputation, knowledge locker and quantified self.  Contextual systems that are all over the web - your life will start to take over. 

The more things we ‘connect’ to our lives, bodies, homes, the faster this form of AI will rise.

Google is calling this type of IT ‘Google Now‘.

People are falling short on realizing the potential for these systems.  Firstly, they are low-friction data gathering, i.e. the world’s largest web form (form based workflow), constantly running in the background.

Second, expounding on computing and connected systems.  As I connect more systems to my phone and life, these systems can feed me more and more raw data to measure and base my decisions on. The more feedback I give to this data, the faster the systems ‘learn’ what I want.

A great example of early contextual ITSM is a simple little program called ‘Just Landed’.

With Just Landed, you place into the app, the flight number of a friend you are picking up.

Then the following happens:

  1. The app looks at your current location
  2. The app looks at the traffic patterns between you and the airport
  3. The app looks at the flight location in the sky

The application then crunches all that information to tell you when to leave the house.

Ultimately, if my friends and their systems are tied into the same networks, I don't even need to enter a flight number for my friend.  Just Landed would ask for my Google contacts, Facebook friends and LinkedIn contacts, scrape their feeds and let me know when they are planning on coming and offer to setup a dinner based on what we ate together last time. EVEN BETTER, based on my friend’s FitBit data, a dietary option based on their DAY’S travel to see me.

Yup, we are sitting on that level of tech. 

If you showed someone in 2008 this article, they would ask you why you were reading science fiction, 2008 was four years ago

In four years in 2017 well, let's just say, I'll be presenting this year in a few places, come ask me in person.

2013 is also going deliver a boom in the availability of data trackers with new sensors in those trackers and in our phones.  As a human I only have five senses, my phone has around 13 now and with other tools and apps it approaches 30 senses very quickly.

Self-service is a nice thing to talk about in 2013 but, in reality, self-service is a nice way of saying ‘good web based GUI helping me beg IT for a product or service’.  Self service means finding the right information in YOUR PORTAL.  That's not MY IT, that's YOUR IT.  I cover self-service here with Troy DuMolin from Pink Elephant.

We can do better than self-service, we can do assisted, predictive service, I’m doing it now with my Nest thermostat at home, come on IT, you can do something better.

While everyone will cling to the Internet of things, mobile and quantified self (welcome to 2010), the personal knowledge locker is the ‘IT’ factor for 2013.

Being able to navigate a timeline of my work, personal, digital and social life is not important, it's critical.

The ability to get information to me via a Kindle or Evernote push from a trusted source exists.  Being able to annotate, tag, embed location and rich media into a cloud based system about anything I want and trigger a work flow from it, like IFTTT critical.

My life is quantified now, and I'll be presenting this at SDI in June 2013.  After meeting Klint Finley from Wired magazine at Cyborg Camp and showing off my hacked calendar, I realized then, as did many people in the room that day, including someone I feel might be from another planet, Amber Case, all seemed to understand that this low friction data collection on a deeply personal level was ‘intriguing’ at best.

This graphic  is an example of the work that is collected in the background from my life.  I don't manually enter any of it.

Consumers systems will want this fresh blood, and it will drive a pact of new services that enterprise IT will have to replicate in 2013.  Today, January 2013, I wear three sensors and sleep with five.  My house, light blubs, heat, toilets are all wired to the internet, anything that is used is recorded and most of the time, these systems work together to make my life richer.  My body, home, social media, knowledge work (e.g. file sharing, emailing, screen shots, documentation creation, information sharing) are all quantified in the background.

This changes the nature of work dramatically, the access I have to this data changes my ability to serve my customers, peers, friends and industry. 

I don't have answers to problems, I have mountains of data and I'm present.

My predictions, much to the satisfaction of my ego, have so far panned out, here are the predictions for 2012 (all came true).  Finally I have a body of work that pretty much outpaces, if nothing else, the media or our industry:

  • 2005-2007 - Service Catalog, Help Desk Best Practices, Categorization for the Service Desk, Desktop Management and IT Support
  • 2008 - Social Media and the Help Desk, Support Remote Users, Selecting an IT Software Vendor, IT Marketing
  • 2009 - Enterprise 2.0, Social Media and IT Support
  • 2010 - Big Data, Social Media and Collaborative Systems
  • 2011 - Mobility, Location, Social Media and ITSM
  • 2012 - Reputation Economy (Knowledge Lockers, Quantified Self) Digital Literacy 2012, Social ITSM 1990-2014, Social ITSM 2015-2050, Enterprise Celebrity
  • 2013 - Robotics, Mindfulness, Empowered Employees Culture 2.0, Measured Me, Quantified Self 2.0, Knowledge Worker 2020, Contextual ITSM
  • 2014 - ?

Yup, that is a list of topics, I have presented on over the past 8 years. See the pattern? I present it, "we" talk about it. 

So with that, go on and debate cloud, mobile, consumerization, big data, add quantified self to your vocab, heck drop phablet into a few conversations - your friends will marvel at your brilliance, your peers will envy you and your boss will send you to a few conferences.

Where do we go from here? Simple, robotics, mindfulness, contexual based service management and quantified life.  You can visit me in person twice in London, twice in Vegas, Belgium or Australia over the next few months. 

When that fails, give me a call, but something tells me, your phone will reach out to me, long before you do. 

One more thing, a good debate about calling for the end of negativity is not the same as "practicing peace".

PART III: Christory 2012 - My travels and observations, on the world we all share.- RELEASED JANUARY 30, 2013 






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Reader Comments (1)


You have great insight and we reference your predictions and recommendations often. I was recently asked what the meanings where for your 2013 predictions, and I had no idea what they meant. I was able to get some context on a few, but would love to hear what the meaning of each one is (Robotics, Mindfulness, Empowered Employees Culture 2.0, Measured Me, Quantified Self 2.0, Knowledge Worker 2020, Contextual ITSM). Look forward to your response.


April 23, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMichael Parks

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