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Pink13 preview show - Practitioner Radio Episode 38

 Practitioner Radio Episode 38: Pink13 preview show

Guest: George Spalding, Pink Elephant 

Troy’s Thunder Bolt Tip of The Day:

George's Thunderbolt Tip of the Day:

Pink13 - Be There or Be Square!


  • Chris’ Trivia: what happened this day in January 2011?
  • Pink11 video went viral – social media
  • Episode 22 recorded at Pink12 was 2nd most listened to ever
  • Practitioner Radio Ep39 will be recorded live at Pink13 on 18th Feb – Grand Ballroom, 7.30am
  • Pink13 Schedule
  • Attendance this year looking good
  • Social media: @theITILexperts also @Pink_13 for live updates
  • Hashtag #Pink13 for all tweets
  • Streaming keynote sessions live!
  • Increase of HE and government organisations attending
  • Re-invent for new generation
  • Different speed tracks needed
  • Pink getting into training on frameworks
  • Reasons for attending change year to year
  • IT is still trying to do more with less – EFFICIENCY
  • Heroism doesn’t scale well!
  • Accommodating wi-fi for multiple devices
  • Can you really be in two places at once and take it in?
  • Adapting events to the multi-tasking, multi-device era
  • Bobble heads are back!
  • George’s Thunderbolt Tip of the Day: Pink13 – be there or be square!


Listen below or download the MP3 HERE!  / iTunes / PinkAPP for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android 




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