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Deus ex machina - Pink Elephant 2013


The event is one that many people look forward to, but for many, it's just something they attend if they can get funded.  There are many Pink13 blogs that do a great job describing the event.

So I want to share some  amazing things happened for me professionally at the event.

  1. Debuted vinepeek channels so that the world could watch the backchannel for Pink.
  2. Debuted evernote tweet archive, allowing people to attach to the event twitter archive, search it, make word clouds and keep up.
  3. All my sessions where available via text message, slideshare, evernote and PDF.
  4. Event materials were available via Evernote for folks who didn't want to use paper or search their bags for maps.

All these items can be found here in this blog, with many other resources.  

From an organizational standpoint, I have to thank BMC Software who continues to allow me to innovate at the speed of our industry. Speaking of innovation, it was an honor to have MyIT win Pink Elephant's innovation of the year for 2013.

Contextual, location aware support is something we desperately need for our customers.

Innovation happens when you do things that speed information.  Innovation is not a tool, but a state of mind.

From an industry standpoint, Pink13 was a milestone much like Pink11.  It sparked the imagination of folks in our space again, from the show opening with CEO of Pink Elephant Fatima Cabral to the dramatic 15 minutes we watch Troy DuMoulin take to the stage with his disruptive technologies video.


Many of ITSM most digital influential people were at the event and even more "real life" influences were there in person. 

I'd like to list all the people who I met at Pink that made my conference so special, but I can't begin to even try. So I will just share the a tweet that let me know, that influence about arms, not fingers.



Someone said to me, Pink was a "spiritual event" for them.  If that is so, then Deus ex machina.  

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