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Live from Pink13 ITSMROWP Episode 52

Live from Pink13 - ITSM Rest of World Podcast Episode 52

Hosts: Barclay Rae, Pat Bolger, Matt Beran

Guest appearances: Mark Kawasaki, Ian Aitchison, Charles Araujo, Chris Dancy

Show notes:

  • Live from Pink Elephant's Annual Conference in Vegas #PINK13
  • Mark's session - Higher level CI (what is the business doing with the service?)
  • Big message from Pink13 intro – learning isn’t enough
  • It’s about value – employees want to create it
  • Show people what happened as a result of them doing a good job
  • Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson – if you only depth and no breadth you won’t be as valuable
  • If you’re too specialised you’re more in danger of becoming obsolete
  • Ian Aitchison’s session – ease of integration of service management tools with other tools
  • Hide the complexity of the technology to allow people to put it to good use
  • TFT tweet - customers don’t know what they want. Immerse yourself in the problem then find them a solution
  • Neil's presentation talked about the meteor over Russia – uber topical & up to date
  • (Bye Mark!)
  • Hello Charlie Araujo, author of ‘The Quantum Age of IT – everything you know about IT is about to change’
  • Time of turmoil to come – 5 skills needed in the new age
  • Have to make sure you’ve got the right people for innovation
  • Many IT people are naturally creative but it gets beaten out of them
  • Should be routinely innovating
  • Take action! Decide what you’re going to do then find like-minded people - ‘build your tribe’
  • Bye Charles, hello Chris Dancy
  • Chris’ session - robots and IT support – looking at how we interact with AI every day
  • Chris’ 2nd session – Reputation
  • Quantified self but we’re also seeing a quantified workforce 
  • Rob England session – the empowered checklist
  • Mark Kawasaki working amongst the organisation – for years people have been saying do this but he’s the first to talk about having done it
  • Chris - already working on next year’s presentations – evolutionary psychology
  • Love you John Moore!
  • Fresh blood to visit UK podcast soon – Richard Smith





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