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Live from Pink13: Service Orchestration - Practitioner Radio Episode 39


Live from Pink13: Service Orchestration - Practitioner Radio Episode 39

Troy’s Thunder Bolt Tip of The Day: Have to understand the larger system of generating value


  • Recorded in front of a live audience at Pink13
  • PR - 19hours of audio!
  • ‘Outcome Leasing’ is happening
  • Need harmony between suppliers
  • Even Enterprise Architecture is struggling
  • Is information actually used?
  • Essentials for an orchestra: 1 conductor 2 a common score
  • Conductor must understand the full score
  • Not everyone has to be involved in writing score
  • Who is the conductor?
  • Don’t blame the supplier when you haven’t got a common score
  • Not likely to get this right first time
  • Orchestras within orchestras but no-one wants responsibility for the entire picture
  • Must be built for change
  • Value Chain is another 'score'
  • Operating model is the score at a Management Practice level
  • SMO has to be broad thinking
  • Systems thinking essential – everything is related to everything
  • For most this is too challenging – stems from Industrial Revolution / task specialisation
  • CMDB is different now – it’s a system diagram of relationships
  • Number 1 issue is lack of systems thinking
  • Fixing the bigger problem creates the value
  • No-one is managing above the domain level
  • Without a common score and conductor you won’t make music anyone wants to hear
  • And the band played on…
  • Troy’s Thunderbolt Tip of the Day: you have to understand the larger system of generating value

Listen below or download the MP3 HERE!  / iTunes / PinkAPP for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android




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by Chris Dancy