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The Quantified Enterprise - ITSM Weekly Podcast Episode 105

The Quantified Enterprise ITSM Weekly Podcast Episode 105

Your Hosts:  Mark Kawasaki  Matthew Hooper and Matt Beran (twitter #ITSMWP)

Special Guest: Former host Chris Dancy

Submit Questions:  Anonymously or Email or Call In: (765) 236-6383 or Twitter Questions/Comments #ITSMWP

  Show notes:

  • Changing roles – Mark taking over hosting
  • Chris in article and hangout and techcrunch – culmination of last few years of working in and from the future
  • MIT not aware of the cutting edge realities of digital connectivity being talked about
  • Need mindfulness to deal with frustrations of the real world and to reconnect with humanity
  • Have to pay attention. Sometimes you have to listen for people.
  • What’s relevant?
  • Let’s slow things down
  • Complex biological information systems we need to try to understand ourselves
  • Looking at evolutionary psychology for next year – see Amber Case
  • No power in volume (words)
  • Quantified enterprise – people finding it difficult to understand / accept
  • The next 7 years is going to freak people out – these new personal skills will be important
  • FitBit interesting model for software design – feedback system
  • Moved to systems of impermanence
  • Attention is not same as respect
  • It’s about survival - analysing your own data has gone from luxury to necessity
  • Steve Jobs – all about paying attention. Is it possible to will something into existence?
  • Things will fail before they succeed - what’s important is to get started
  • Christory software??
  • Quantification in the Enterprise means starting to analyse metrics not understood before –interacting with people and devices based on location at level one and proximity at level two.
  • Level 3 is contextual – Chris’ new slide deck: ‘Mr Jobs I’m ready for my close-up
  • ‘Just in time’ information for the Enterprise – lots of implications
  • Next level will bother people – devices linked to you, contextual and bio-chemical systems
  • 7 years from now – pick out a team for a project by their traits and biochemistry
  • Another example of what we have now - ‘Hello’ from Evernote
  • New calendar – Tempo – contextual and interactive






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by Chris Dancy