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Has ITSM lost its mojo? ITSMPROW Ep 54 part 1

Has ITSM lost its mojo? ITSMPROW Episode 54 part 1

Hosts: James Finister, Barclay Rae

Show notes
  • James has lost his ITSM mojo – do you ever have those days..?
  • Something to do with being half consultant, half practitioner – what should we be doing next?
  • Are you making, or working in, a category mistake?
  • Build links outwards, don’t build upwards within silos
  • We’re doing all the right things but for some reason the parts aren’t adding up to the greater output
  • Very difficult to get people to change how they think
  • Future and present are colliding. We still want IT people to be IT people but at the same time we’re asking them to adopt a very new and different mindset to do with service management
  • Where did all the analysts come from? Are they close enough to reality of working in the industry?
  • Need good headlines for the articles which might be part of the problem of recognising the reality
  • Hornbill new video
  • For human insight see Peppa Pig
  • There are efforts being made to make a new community & making things happen e.g. TFT, Shift
  • A community is made up of individual people, it doesn’t really matter how or where we connect 
  • Important thing is that these conversations are getting out there - globally, instantaneously 
  • What messages do we want to put out there as priority?  Doesn’t seem to be a consensus 
  • Conversation continues in Part 2…







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