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O Brother, where art thou? ITSM Weekly Podcast Episode 108

O Brother, where art thou? ITSM Weekly Podcast Episode 108

Your Hosts:  Mark Kawasaki  Matthew Hooper and guest host Chris Dancy (twitter #ITSMWP)

Guest: Nate Beran, Network & Systems Analyst (brother of host Matt Beran)

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Show notes:

  • Two Beran brothers working in IT- who does the family turn to for IT support first?!
  • What would you want your child to study in 12 years’ time? 
  • Podcast recommendation: Helvetica 
  • Everybody do the air quote!
  • Those who bring the biggest value are those who consume from outside their field
  • Varied / outside interests can help avoid the blinkered / closed-minded approach
  • IT people needed to become more interdisciplinary 
  • Why do things internally? Understand the business adds value
  • Apply what you know about the organisation and sector and employ technology to add value
  • The new CIO needs to be innovative and creative
  • To affect culture change you have to live it - influence from within and outside of your company
  • Internal blogging as knowledge sharing. To be involved, to communicate
  • For Nate it’s all about service – improving people’s lives, seeing the effects
  • Social media offers chance to listen to and interact with people you wouldn’t normally meet
  • Why don’t more practitioners participate /engage farther outside of their immediate bubble?
  • Changing dynamic means those who want to can take advantage of these opportunities to engage
  • Those who aren’t connected get a lot of their information from vendors
  • Infrastructure is disappearing 
  • Check out Nate’s blog 








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