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Hi-tech solutions, human passions - ITSM Weekly Podcast Episode 107

Hi-tech solutions, human passions ITSM Weekly Podcast Episode 107

Your Hosts:  Mark Kawasaki  Matthew Hooper and Matt Beran (twitter #ITSMWP)

Guests: Jay Leader, CIO Rapid7

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Show notes:

  • Rapid7 – security software solutions
  • Last 6 years at hi-tech companies. Interesting work on projects like i-robot that make a difference
  • When BP oil rig was leaking an i-robot underwater data collection device was used to assess impact
  • As a company they have done things like sent robots to ground zero after 9-11 - a hi-tech take on philanthropy
  • Part of their mission statement is to change the world – and employees really believe in it
  • Also at Rapid7 – employees are people who want to make world safer, help prevent id theft because they understand the impact of damage that can be done
  • Their work has purpose – it’s not about the paycheck it’s about making a difference
  • Having a cause makes job satisfaction - having a collective mission
  • Try to figure out the drivers of your people’s behaviour and how to match those to business success
  • Best employees are following their passion
  • Security in the cloud – in one way it’s simpler but also more complicated
  • More touch points - exponential number of nodes to worry about, mobile and apps for example security isn’t as advanced
  • Change of mindset it is about the data – with BYOD user productivity is almost assumed
  • There is no such thing as security – can only asses risk and give guidelines for compliance
  • Device is irrelevant – look at the usage and what exposure it’s opening you up to
  • Protecting an IP that protects other IPs – a natural target for hackers. Poses business risk
  • Most of government regulation / compliance rules are there for very good reason
  • Biggest challenge for future for Rapid7? Security business is evolving. Value of security is hard to measure. There is no scale – how do you measure the effectiveness and justify ROI of security?







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